[Story] Home Alone Reloaded (Episode 1 - 5)

Home Alone Reloaded

Episode Number: 1 - 5

Genre: Drama, Romance

Written by: Mustapha Idris

The Story is Strictly Rated +18 and above. Viewers / Parental Guidance is advice as it may contain strong Sexual activities. Those found below 18 are advised to skip it.

Episode 1




Joy: ah..um.. Ah.. Please oo, take it easy.. Mogbe oo!

She shouted as little tears where coming out from her eyes. It was obvious she was in pains. I didn’t even care, I was trying to bury all my 13 inches long and fat d--k inside of her tiny punani.

Joy: ahhhh,.. Idris please naw, am sorry please..

She started begging. The walls of her pu--y were very tight. I groaned and it felt really really good inside of her. I looked down at the place where the both of us where connected and was surprised.

Here she is shouting when she hasn’t even taken half of me inside her. Little by little, I kept moving inside her little pu--y very slowly.

Normally, she do take only half of my d--k but today, she must take two third. I said to myself.

Joy: please wait.. Please wait..

She moaned as she have taken half of me inside her. Taking her by surprise, I pushed my d--k inside her tight pu--y again with full force even though it didn’t move much because I was already reaching the end of her inner walls.

Joy: ahhh, take it out, please take it out…

She pushed me off her body with a great force and I fell from the couch.

Me: what’s the meaning of this rubbish?

I asked as I looked at her in the face but she turned her face from me, it was obvious she was shy.

Joy: please Idris, take it easy. Don’t you know you are hurting me?

Me: is that why you pushed me off. Can’t you even see that your voice is very loud. Do you want the neighbours to come and knock on the door!

I said with a tint of anger in my voice.

Joy: sorry!!

She said. But truth is, I was the one at fault. I knew she couldn’t take my long and fat 13 inches d--k (that’s why my friends nicknamed it the BEAST) inside of her, well I wanna give it try.

Me: you can now go…

I said standing up. i never for once even like her. Come to think of it, there was nothing so special about her. She isn’t that beautiful, cute, attractive, intelligent or gorgeous.

She is just a food for my BEAST. Anytime I feel like pouring down a little, I’d call her and she would be at my doorstep with a great speed.

Now me on the other hand, I was not so cute or drop dead gorgeous but I’d have girls swimming around me. All thanks to the BEAST. most of my girlfriends came to me when they heard that my d--k was like the size of those that do act p--n movies.

I was about to leave when she stood up and pushed me to the couch. She climbed me and started kissing me very hard.

Joy: am sorry.

Me: ok, you are forgiven.

She smiled as she sat down on my d--k. She was wearing a gown with nothing beneath it while I was on my singlet with boxers which was on my kneel.

She rocked her waist to and fro on my bare d--k and I moaned in pleasure. Then she raised her hips a bit, holding firm my BEAST. She put the tip into her pu--y and I shudder in excitement.

She started to descend little by little. Her eyes were close shut and she whimpered in pains and excitement all together.

Joy: oh my gawd… Oh my.. Am cumminng..

She shouted as she pour hard on my body. Now half of my d--k was inside her and she looked at me with a pleading eyes.

I nodded giving a sign to go ahead. I knew she couldn’t take more than that.

She waited a little bit before she started moving her waist up and down and to and fro.

The tightness of her pu--y was driving me insane. She kept f----ng me in a steady motion though she only took half of my d--k inside her.

Joy: itssss so biggggg, ahhh, Thatsssss yy I lovveee umm yessss I lovvvee it.

She said with her eyes shut. Thank God she wasn’t shouting, just then, we heard a loud knock on the door.

Could it be my parents?

Episode 2

I instantly froze. Could it be my parents? I asked noone in particular.

I could see the fear in Joy’s eye. She looked like one who was about to cry.

Samuel: *from outside* Idrissss!!!

He shouted and me and joy both breathed down in relief when we heard Samuel’s voice.

Me: abeg Samuel go, tomorrow we go see for school.

Samuel: ah baba, so you don dey score three points I think?

Joy: you too talk abeg, carry your wahala commot.

Samuel: ok oo but Joy I dey pity you because Idris go just make you get bow leg with his mighty BEAST, all the same enjoy.

He said and left.

Joy: mtcheew.

She hissed at him. She turned back and looked at me smiling.

Me: we don’t have enough time left with us.

She nodded and started f----ng me from where she stopped. Inside of her felt really really warm.

After f----ng me for some minutes in the cowgirl position, she turned to the reverse cowgirl position and now, her big buttocks were facing me.

In each movement she make, they moved up and down freely on their own.

I grabbed her buttocks cheek and started squeezing it.

Joy: yeeeaaaa baby, I love iittt whennnn you do soo, I loooveee you baby!!

She started to shake, I knew she was close to her or---m so I decided to help her out, I raised her buttocks up a little and from under, I started bleeping her really wild.

I also ensured that it was only half of my BEAST that was inside her or else, she will cry again. I was still pumping her really wild from beneath when the walls of her v---na contracted around my d--k.

Me: ahh, it feels so goood.

I groaned. by this time, she was already shaking vigorously. Not too long, I felt a hot liquid ran down my heavy d--k, it was her or---m.

She screamed at a low pitch. The excitement I was getting from her orgasmic v---na and her moaning drove me crazy and my BEAST became double in size, her eyes popped out as she felt the weight of it.

Just then, I started depositing my c-m inside of her. We were busy shaking under an undefined and unmearsurable pleasure coupled with excitement.

Joy: *breathing hard* that was so sweet.

Me: *breathing hard too* yes it was.

She smiled, turned and kissed me and lay on my chest playing with my nipples. I looked at her.

Me: is like you want another round o.

Joy: kilode? You want to kill me before my time?

She asked and I smiled, my eyes met the wall clock above us and I jumped in shock. Almost 2pm, my parents will soon be here.

I quickly open all doors, cleaned our mess and sprayed air freshner around the whole room.

Joy was just busy lying down. I didn’t blame her though. One look at her and you will know that she is very very weak.

The whole room smelt of or---m and hot sex. Since I was running out of options, I brought out sniper and mosquito spray. I helped her wear her pants and took her outside.

She sat on the bench at our corridor with her legs slightly open for breeze to enter and cool her down.

I ran back inside and sprayed the whole house before coming back. I also locked the doors and brought out my mathematics text book with two note books and two pens.

I gave her one note book and one pen and just then.



That’s the sound of my father’s car horn, my parents are back.

Episode 3

My father drove his camry into the our surroundings and came out with my mother and little brother by his side.

I stood up and ran to welcome them.

Me: welcome dad.

Me: welcome mum.

Dad: thank you son. Who is that girl sitting over there?

He asked with his broad and masculine voice. For those of you that don’t know, my father is a military man with three ranks.

I know what you are guys are probably thinking and it’s true. I don’t mess with him o, the day he gave me one hot slap because he saw p--n videos in my phone, that day I knew that heaven and earth are real.

Me: she is just my classmate Dad and we are both solving mathematics.

Mum: *studied her a little* that must be Joy.

That’s one thing about my mum. Unlike my Dad, she knew lots of my friends by their names.

Farouk: abeg let’s go inside I am tired.

My junior brother said. I looked at him, and smiled. He is very handsome, more than me. He has a V- shaped face, nice skin colour, open teeth with an Arabian hair.

He is just eleven years old while I am older than him with six years. I knew if he he grows up, he will be a dangerous guy when it comes to girls, judging from his amazing looks though.

As for me, I am tall, very tall and dark skinned. My hair is not like his own, mine is strong but trust me, after peming the hair, I was looking sweet. My complete six pacs is also making girls drool over me but my number on weapon of elimination is my BEAST.

Me: am afraid that is not possible o.

Dad: why?

Me: I just sprayed the house with insecticide not too long.

Dad: *annoyed* and you knew that we will be coming home. What is even wrong with you.

Me: sorry dad.

Mum: please honey, don’t raise your voice at him. I was the one that told him to do it.

That’s why I like my mum, always getting my back.

My dad just shook his head. Opened his car and brought out his wallet.

Dad: the things we bought are inside the booth. Whenever you are ready, take them in. Lemme go and visit some of my friends in block 71.

He said and left. I kept looking at him, my brother is a replica of my dad while I resemble my mum.

Mum: Idris, what you did isn’t that wise you know.

Me: sorry ma.

Mum: never mind. Lemme go over to my shop.

My mother is a tailor but since her shop is very big, she opened a saloon inside the shop. That is, Half of the big shop was used for sewing of clothes while the other half was a set up as a saloon.

Mum: farouk, come let’s go…

Farouk: no, I want to stay with brother Idris.

My mum hesitated before she left. My brother kept looking at Joy in a suspicious manner. He knew that something bad must has happened. I mean, he has caught me in the act red handed about three times but what are brothers for, he kept it a secret between us.

Me: abeg take this money go buy peak milk and malt come.

I said giving him #400 (four hundred naira) He collected it and was still looking at me with a suspicious look.

Me: oya, keep the change.

He smiled and ran away.

I walked back to where Joy was sitting down and she looked like someone that will soon pass out.

My brother brought the things I told him to buy and he happily took the change away. I gave them to Joy and she drank it happily.

After about fifteen minutes, she stood up with some energy she has gathered and I bade her farewell.

Looking at her new walking step made me laugh, she was walking like someone that is carrying a load between her legs.

I just smiled and relaxed on the bench.

Episode 4

Now for those of you that does not know the way barracks are built, lemme give you a little insight.

Each block is made up of an exact number of self contained rooms depending on the length of the block and and ours has seven rooms.

Our room is room one, while Samuel my friend and his family do stay in room two. The third room is occupied by Mr Johnson, Amaka’s father. The fourth room is occupied by a single soldier, brother Musa who hasn’t marry. The fifth room is occupied by Miss Jennifer, a young and sexy soldier girl who passed out from depot not too long. The sixth room is occupied by Mr David, a soldier man with three kids. Two twin girls named Ruth and Rose and a big boy who goes to a polytecnic nearby, his name is chucks. The seventh room is empty for now.

Now, we are only two boys in the block, me and Samuel. And we have three sexy girls, Amaka, Rose and Ruth.

Unlike me, Samuel isn’t that much of a playboy so he focuses on Ruth while I bleep both Amaka and Rose though they are not aware am taking the both of them.

I was still on the bench when my phone beeped. A message just came in which reads.

“I am home alone. Please come and service me asap, I really need the BEAST in me


I smiled and stood up. If there is anything I love die is p---y. I sneaked and entered the third room making sure that nobody saw me.

Me: hello my goddess.

I said to Amaka who was putting a light top and a short mini skirt. I am older than Amaka with two years. She looked at me crotch and smiled.

Amaka: how is the BEAST.

Me: missing you badly.

I said and she came close to me. We started kissing, we spent up to five minutes kissing when she broke the kiss and said

Amaka: hurry, we don’t have time on our side.

I nodded my head and removed her top. Luckily or fortunately, she was not putting any bra so I started playing with the soft breast. We were still standing so I have to bend down a little.

I placed her left t-t in my mouth and su---d it.

Amaka: oww!

She gave a light moan moving backwards till we fell down on a couch close by. I started su---ng her left t-t vigorously while playing with the right one.

Amaka’s weakness is her left t-t, she preferred it being su--ed more than the right one. I kept su---ng it vigorously why she was shaking like a worm beneath me..

Amaka: so sweet, please hurry, we have no time.

I nodded and moved downwards, removed her skirt and again, she was not wearing any pant. The girl is really prepared o.

Her tiny, well shaved and clean punani was there, just looking at me. I laid her well and dived into her honeypot with my tongue.

I started licking all round the libias, the pea hole and her cl-t. When my tongue touched her cl-t, she held the back of me head so tight and pressed it against her pu--y with force.

I instantly got the message, she is about to pour. I su--ed the cl-t so hard that she couldn’t bare it but shout.

Amaka: chimooooooooo, Idrissssss pleaseeee am cummiiggg, ahhh ooo!!!!!!!!!!!

She moaned as my face was splashed by wave and wave of orgasmic liquid. I held my mouth shut tightly. Even though I love seeing females during their or---m, I don’t like tasting the salty liquid.

I stood up and removed my shorts, and the BEAST sprang out. Her or---m and loud moaning has fully aroused me.

She looked at my heavy BEAST and her face turned pale, she knew that she will have to endure rounds of pains and excitement all together.

Episode 5

Me: don’t tell me you are still scared of the BEAST.

Amaka: am not, only that it hurts a lot anytime you try putting more than half the total length in me.

I just sighed. Honestly none of my girlfriends and sex mates could do better. That’s the reason why I do visit brothel sometimes. There was a time I banged this particular runs girl and she enjoyed it to an extent I was given a free ride.

Me: ok, I won’t put all the length you in you…

Amaka: promise?

Me: yes.

She spread her legs wide for me and I postioned the tip of the BEAST In her punani. Rubbed it around her punani to get it moist, I th--st it inside of her and she gasped.

Her pu--y expanded as it tried its best, tightening its walls and milking the BEAST. Oh my poor BEAST, if my BEAST and her punani were to be alive, then her punani would have strangled my beast to death.

I moved inch by inch till I got to the end of her pu--y wall. I looked down and smiled.

Me: welldone, you have successfully taken more than half the length.

Amaka: *with eyes shut* I told you I’d take all one day, practice makes more perfect.

I smiled and started thrusting into her little by little, when I saw that she has gotten used to my d--k inside of her, I started banging her really really hard.

Amaka: ouchhh! Ouchhh!!!! Eeasyyyyy!!! Ouchhh! U rr hitting myyyy womb!!!!!

She moaned and shouted as her first wave of or---m took her under massive shock. Still maintaining almost half of my d--k outside, I don’t want a situation where someone’s father will come and hold me responsible for crippling his daughter, I banged her at an average speed.

It hasn’t been up to twenty five minutes when I last cummed so I was expected to last twice as long.

I turned her to do--y style. Her legs and hands were on the couch while I was standing behind her.

From behind her, I located her pu--y and entered her again with the same length she was able to take. With my work made easier for me, I grabbed both butt cheeks as I slammed in and out of her pu--y.

Amaka: BEAST!!!!!!!!!!! BEAST!!!!!!!!! youuuu arrree killing meeeeee!!

She moaned and triggered the devil controlling my BEAST. I was high, lost in pleasure and ecstasy, in my ultimate bleeping mode, I turned her and raised her up.

We were now standing as i raised her up with my two hands. I took her to the wall for support, my two hands holding her two legs. She used her hand to grab BEAST and guide it to the entrance of her punani.

Since my both hands were holding her legs, I didn’t know when I thrusted deep into her, more of my length that she could take all entered inside her.

Amaka: ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

She screamed in pure pains. The new feelings I got when almost all my d--k was buried inside her made my d--k to become double in size as I shot my c-m deep into her deepest part.

I quickly brought out my BEAST and little drop of blood was at the tip of it.

Amaka: *crying* am hurt, my stomach is on fire, why did you that.

Me: sorry, it wasn’t intentional.

I helped her and took her to the couch where I lay her down. She was still crying. I helped in cleaning the house and she told me that her father will soon be back so I dashed out.

I was very weak and tired. Poor BEAST was tired too. My sperm box need to be refill. As I got close to our room, my vision became bury and I passed out...

• What happened next?

• Find out in the next Episode 6 - 10

• Coming soon – December 29, 2021.


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