[Story] How 3 Girls Fought Over 1 Guy (Episode 1 - 5)

How 3 Girls Fought Over 1 Guy

Episode  Number: 1 - 5

Genre: Drama, Romance

Written / Story by: Antispxish

The Story is Strictly Rated +18 and above. Viewers / Parental Guidance is advice as it may contain strong Sexual activities. Those found below 18 are advised to skip it.

Episode 1

At last, after several jamb examinations i finally saw my name in the latest admission list, “oya let’s go there, we are gonna rock this vasity together” I said to myself. 2 weeks later I was able to get an accomodation as a squater in a room in one of the male hostels, some might get to know the university and hostel if they attended that university as at the time this events occurred.

I will not bore you with how i became friends with this guys but I will tell you they are the maddest set of people I’ve ever come across. They are all roommates with same goals , same aim and almost same characteristics, the only difference between them and I is that my room was some floors down, and I was in a different faculty.

Now let’s get to mention names, David was not really a cassanova, he did not really understand women, neither did he stand out with the kind of girls he met in the university. yes, girls liked him when he was at home, but like him, they where also “omo mummy” , they had no chance to explore. David was from Ibadan, though he claims Lagos boy (wonder if spending your holidays in Lagos makes you one), he is over 6 feet tall, dark in complexion and handsome.

Now let me mention the first babe in the whole triangle, her name is Uzoma, she does not use that name in school and goes by an English name. In fact very few people know she is Igbo as she is capable of spitting concentrated Yoruba vibes.

Uzoma is pretty, petit, with very nice shape, she has that kind of body who believe can be folded into itself while you pound away.

I was influential in the meeting of Uzoma and David, cus I knew her before we got into school and where friends (though not close, learnt not to be too close to girls you think you might want to have intimate relationship with in the future). David met Uzoma at the hottest party we went to, it was the hottest simply because it was the first club boys party freshers will attend.

Their meeting was not the “hi, what’s up” kind of meeting, it was circumstance that got them together. David, keen on going to the party travelled to Ibadan to bring his father’s 504 peogeot, a fight broke out at the tale end of the party and we all tried to leave the venue, outside as we are about getting into the car (all 6 of us), I saw Uzoma, by the side of the road, so I asked her “wetin you dey do there, you no go leave this area, those guys bring gun come o”, she told me she has been abandoned by the people she came with as she was not able to come out quickly.

As fate will have it, David said, “come make me carry you”, 2 weeks later, they where already screwing each others brains out, thus seiling any posibility of me dating her.

Gist to continue shortly with the juicy details of the s*X and how the other girls got involved

Episode 2

Few weeks after the party , I walked upstairs to my friends room and met them arguing. 5 guys where in support of David against the 7th guy ade a.k.a “master lee”, a.k.a “nawu-edine” (a fake muslim name coined from the yoruba phrase “na awo de” wink cus the guy and nackson had same character. There was an eight guy, a born again christian, who gave the other guys hell as to the rooms arrangement, but when the devil wan expose you, he does that in a bad way, we will get to his part later.

Ade had initially arranged a performance (what we call copulation) in the room only for David to come up later with the same arrangement that same evening (boys give notice beforehand if a babe is coming to the room). At last sha, Ade agreed to give David the alloted time.

So with such knowledge that something is going down that evening, I decided to wait till around 8pm before going upstairs again. On reaching top floor, I saw Ade and Timo (fellow roommate) in the corridor and they gave me the latest detail. David has been with the babe since six so they must be thru by now, but ade now dropped a secret and said we see what is happening without them knowing. We ask how and he now gave us a secret about the arrangement of the room. Ade being the first occupant of the room had arranged the lockers is such a way that anyone at the side of the room where the beds are located cannot see who is entering unless the person first enters and go through the middle of the lockers, likewise anyone leaving the room, he had also drilled holes at the back of the lockers so that if you enter the locker, you can see different parts of the room, depending on which hole you are peeping through. the only part you can’t see is the ceiling, well there is no need for such hole cus nobody is fu*king in the ceiling, and if such thing where to occur, I dnt think anyone will wait to watch!

Well we entered and got into the separate lockers exactly as ade predicted without the lovebirds noticing and I selected the best hole in the locker to peep through.

We where lucky as they just wanted to start the show as David has spent all the previous hours trying to assure the babe that the room is safe for s*X, she preferred an hotel, but my guy no get money for hand.

Well they started smooching and for the first ten minutes I did not see the babe’s face, but when he wanted to pull her top off her, she had to sit up and behold IT WAS UZOMA.!

Imagine watching the girl you fantasise about Unclad on the bed, but with another guy, ready to do the do.

“Well I go still watch this film finish” i said to myself and I was not dissappointed, David was no pro (as at that time) but he had stamina as he was capable of fulfilling Uzoma’s demand.

Uzoma was the pro, she gave it back as she was getting it. It was hard s*X, the kind of performance that you think someone was going to get injured, but they went at each other for a whole 45 minutes non stop. Only two styles which they kept alternating at periods, missionary and doggy. The babe does not make too much noise, but you will see it in her eyes and body movement that she is really enjoying it.

Pka, pka, pka, pka, the sound of there body hitting each other was rhythmic and constant, puntuated by some grunts and other sounds. “wow, these two will quietly kill each other o” I thought, but eventually , after like 45 minutes they both stopped, got dressed and she asked him to escorts her back to her hostel.

Well we, the three fools that watched, now had to contend with our own agro, Ade just went to meet one of his numerous babe’s, Timo and I, being girlfriend less, decided to contribute and buy don Simon to see it will take our minds off what we saw. well it did not, I decided later that night to never watch such film again, but that was a lie, having discovered the secret of watching life mojo in the that room, I was now addicted!.

Well the tale is about how three babe’s struggled over one guy, sorry I digressed a little, will get back now to it soon.

Episode 3

The situation for the next two months did not really change, Uzoma and David where having s*X as if that was the sole purpose of coming to school, thank God females are only allowed into male hostels from 4pm to 10pm, if not they will be screwing each other in the afternoon and morning .

I watched some few more episodes of their performance and I had to give Uzoma more respect, she used her petit frame to the maximum, turning and changing positions faster than a racing car changes gear. They can move from missionary to any other style without any disengagement or prolonged break in gyration.

At this point I’ll have to introduce the second babe, her name is Mercy, she is one of the coolest babe’s I’ve ever met, no baggage, no prolonged wahala, and all the boys like her.

She is quite tall, over 6 feet, with one of the sexiest long legs I’ve ever seen. whenever she wears a short skirt, all eyes must stare.

We met mercy through Uzoma, they are not actually friends, but they do talk once in a while and the boys got to talk to mercy more cus they saw her often as her hostel is right next to ours, unlike Uzoma’s hostel which is about 30 minute’s walk away.

At the end of first semester, David and Uzoma had a fight, I don't know what caused it but it enabled David to quickly shift to Mercy, he started toasting her, and during the holidays, they saw each other more often.

Mercy was aware of the relationship between Uzoma and David, so she did not give in to David’s advances , but instead encouraged him to settle with Uzoma. Unfortunately Uzoma was strong head girl and she was behaving like if we did not exist any longer.

Unknowing to us initially, Mercy was tripping for David, despite rejecting him, so when we resumed, she went to Uzoma’s hostel to ask about David. Uzoma, probably thinking she either came to help settle the issue with David told her that she and David are no longer dating, they had broken up. This words from Uzoma, which she said on three different occasions Mercy asked about David from her, gave her the confidence to agree to David’s toasting when we resumed. Her favorite quote during subsequent confrontation between the two babe’s was “I did not snatch anybodies boyfriend”.

Well, boys got to know of the new arrangement, so when David booked room time for his next performance, we already knew who it was and where excited to watch the latest film.

Mercy came that evening, we smiled, gisted for a while and pretended to leave them alone, only for us to find our self’s in several lockers awaiting the big show.

Well the show did not occur on the first two occasions, we just wasted over 3 hours, locked in the dark lockers, listening to two lovers gisting. After they left, I just went downstairs to buy robb to rub my back and legs. Standing, without opportunity to bend for hours is not easy, one could not even move anyhow so as not to make noise and be discovered. The worst part is that this occurred twice, twice Mercy came and no show.

We, the stupid live mojo watchers hit the jackpot the third time, Mercy does not have the body shape of Uzoma, she is very tall, long legged babe, her legs where her killing point, you can’t help but stare when she wears short skirts. We where in the locker as usual when all of a sudden, without prior notice, they just stopped talking and started kissing, I will tell you, this is the most interesting uncommon s*X I’ve ever seen. They where both standing when the kissing started and did not at any point lie down on the bed throughout the whole period. There was no clothe removal, only the shifting of her skirt up and pant to the side , David removed his trousers and boxers later though. This was the first time I saw how good long legs can be when wrapped around a guy, she used her height to the advantage as their was no akward bending throughout. she was just slowly going up and down in that same standing position for a long time until she made some very loud m0ans for like 20 seconds then she just went quiet and still. David now brought her to the middle of the room and sat down on a chair, with Mercy on top and facing him, then they started talking, I was like, “what!, una no go do commot”, we can’t sneak out now cus they where in the middle of the room facing the door and will see it being opened, this people want me to suffer for this show again.

Again, all of a sudden, Mercy started gyrating on top of David, with that same slow steady, snake - like movement accompanied with steady soft m0ans.

This went on for some minutes until she jumped up to avoid David cumin inside her, she started laughing at him and how he twisted his face when he came and he responded by yabbing her on how she was shaking earlier when she had org*sm.

They kissed some more while standing and dressing up, and my mind was like, “this people are in love o”, well they eventually decided to leave the room and as they where about leaving, there was a knock on the door, David went to open the door, then I heard the voice, Uzoma’s voice calling “David”.

Episode 4

David opened the door and Uzoma came inside, she looked at both of them, said hi to Mercy and went to sit on the same chair that David and Mercy just screwed each other on. The only sign that something had happened Earlier in the room is the small towel David had used to clean himself up after the encounter with Mercy, it is presently under the table and I don’t think Uzoma noticed it.

David excused himself, said he wanted to excort Mercy and he will be back soon. I also wanted to leave cus my legs are killing me, just wanted Uzoma to shift to the bed so that she won't see the door and us leaving.

David came into the room and both of them sat on the bed, this gave us an opportunity to leave, would have loved to watch what happened next, but since David will give details later, why kill yourself in the locker.

Midnight, all the boys where back in the room, playing football on ps2 turn by turn and asking David about Uzoma. David said she came to accuse him of not being a true boyfriend, that he does not want to settle their fight by coming to her himself only for him to be sending his friends and her friends to her.

Well David did try to talk to her and she enbarraseed him in her hostel, thus he did not go back again, he also told her he did not send any of her friends to her, this got Uzoma to ask him what Mercy was doing in the room with him and why she had been coming to her to settle her fight with him. David did not answer, but for my mind I said ” this girl no know anything, Mercy has collected her boyfriend”.

Well Uzoma was not that dense, she suspected something, so as she left David’s room, she went to Mercy’s hostel to get more info. Mercy did not tell her anything, so before she left, she dropped a bombshell. She thanked Mercy for trying to make her forgive David and she has done so, that she and David are now back together, in fact he was all over her when she came to his place.

This story of Uzoma’s visit to Mercy was told directly to me by Mercy the next day as Mercy was also on a fact finding mission on what is the present status between David and Uzoma.

She said the encounter was embarrassing as she was just telling her two best friends that she is in love with David, they (the friends) where just looking at the two of them smiling at each other, telling each other “all is well”, but knowing fully well that a civil war is about to break out and as girls, they are very ready to supply weapons.

For the next two weeks, no s*X between Mercy and David, they met and David kept telling her he is not dating Uzoma, but their was lots of s*X, though not as frequent as first semester, between Uzoma and David.

Well the civil war was declared on one faithful sunday, Uzoma usually goes home every weekend, but Mercy and David do not. she decided to visit David that afternoon, I was in the room when she came, so I left .

2 hours later, David knock on my room door, “casala don burst o”, I go buy bread for Mercy I come see Uzoma dey climb stairs go up” he said, I told him probably she is going somewhere else, he just looked at me like say “shey ya head correct so”, of cus she is going to the room.

He had bribed the potter to allow Mercy into the hostel earlier than 4pm and they had been banging all afternoon, I told him the best thing is to go back into the room, both of them might start fighting and If them break Ade’s TV and ps2, na you go pay o!.

He said they will be civil, I told him there is no civility when it comes to women and matters of the heart, women who say they will never fight other women over boyfriend are liars, they will injure each other over boyfriend they really like!.

So we decided to both go upstairs and witness the clash between an Igbo girl (Uzoma) and a Benin girl (Mercy) and it was epic! (though not in the way we expected).

Episode 5

We entered the room and met total silence, both girls were playing that snake game that is on most Nokia phones, Mercy was on the bed on the left while Uzoma was on the bed to the right.

The following encounter went thus:

Uzoma: “baby, wats up” (seeing me too) “hi” (waving her hand at me and smiling)

Me: “how far beautiful”

David: (with shaky voice) “how na, I did not know you will be coming today, thought you will be coming tomorrow”.

David wanted to go meet her, but got hold of himself and decided to sit on the chair in the middle of the room, he was already acting as if he has level 3 malaria. At that point I decided how I will respond to whatever happens next, if one or the two of them girls decides to fight him, I’ll tell them where the forks, table knife and brooms are kept and pray they use it extensively on him. I’ll only step in if the girls decide to fight each other.

Mercy: (to David) “what of what you went to get”

David: (forgot to collect the bread after paying cus he saw Uzoma) “wanted them to fry egg, but it’s not ready, so I’m going back now”

Mercy: “me and you did not talk of egg, I just wanted bread, there is butter here already, and how can you even leave them to fry egg and you are not watching them, oya let’s go get the bread together”

Mercy got up , David stood up but was dragging his feet, so she took his hand and they both left the room, all this happened while Uzoma was watching them. I suspected that Mercy wanted to talk to David alone.

Some seconds later:

Uzoma: (talking to me) “anti-wahala, why did Mercy drag David out of the room”

*My nickname is unique, it is never constant, those who know me know how to use it and call me with whatever situation is happening at that moment, only that they add “anti” before any other word used, so one person can call me “anti-crase” this minute while another call me “anti-brain” the next.

Me: “na you need to tell me, are they not your boyfriend and girlfriend”

Uzoma: “I hope it’s not what I’m thinking, I just pray it’s not what I’m thinking, cus I’ve met her alone with David twice now and the rest of you guys are not always around when I see her with David”

Me: “coincidence, planned, unplanned, whatever it is, I don’t know”

Uzoma: “you ehn!, since I’ve known you, when somebody ask you something serious, your answer always makes things worse!

Me: “you just promoted the discouragement of further encouragement of my personality”

Uzoma: “ugh?, anti-make sense, is their something between the two of them?

Me: “between who and who”

Uzoma: (taking the novel beside the bed) “if I stone you”

Me: “if you dey talk about Mercy and David…..”

Uzoma: (cuts in) “yes jare”

Me: “…there is always something between two people, it fit be air, emotion or physical objects, at the moment I can’t decipher what’s between them”

Uzoma: “you are the wrongest person to ask something, pls shey you know say me and you have known each other far longer than anyone else in this school, I know you always got my back, so please tell me, is there something between the two of them, you know he is my boyfriend, and I won't take any poo!

Oh Lord, I’ve been trying to avoid this question and scenario, why could she not wait and ask the person who knows everything.

Me: “me don’t know anything beautiful, there might be something or nothing between them, you need to ask him or her, by the way what do you think and what will you do if there is something between them.”

Uzoma: “I don’t know o, but I know nobody will like what I will do to her if she try am, cus I been trust that girl”

Me: “ok”, (in my mind, I was thinking of all the posibilities and how I’ll avoid getting involved when the fireworks start, and David not thinking I abandoned him)

Before she could say anything, they came back into the room, Mercy came in first and David followed. suddenly Uzoma, in her ever hard girl behavior while looking at Mercy said “Mercy, I wan see you, make we talk outside”, Mercy said “any problem?”. “no problem,” said Uzoma “make we just talk, I wan ask you something personal”.

Uzoma walks outside and Mercy follows her somehow reluctantly.

Everything was silent for like Five minutes, then we heard Uzoma's voice, she was shouting...


What happened next? More Drama & Romance coming up soon (Episode 6 - 10) December 30, 2021.


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