[Story] How 3 Girls Fought Over 1 Guy (Episode 6 - 10)

How 3 Girls Fought Over 1 Guy

Episode  Number: 6 - 10

Genre: Drama, Romance

Written / Story by: Antispxish

The Story is Strictly Rated +18 and above. Viewers / Parental Guidance is advice as it may contain strong Sexual activities. Those found below 18 are advised to skip it.

Episode 6 

“What kain nonsense is coming out of your mouth sef, how can you be telling me you love my own guy, of all the boys in these school ehn!..

We managed to get outside as these rants from Uzoma was getting higher and higher, then Mercy started her own, ” look, I thought I could talk to you like a civilized person, all these nice will not get you anywhere, God knows I did not do anything bad”.

The shouting match continued, during which they where now getting closer to each other, I quickly cajoled both of them to get back in the room, in the room they continued arguing and acting as the other person has done the unthinkable, well Uzoma was acting that way sha. After another 5 minutes of up and down arguments, she stormed angrily out of the room, promising to deal with David and Mercy.

Mercy folding her arms (she always acts like butter girl) faced David, “you said their is nothing between you and that girl, you sweared that you ended the relationship, you told me you are not seeing her again, now you see how one short thing is talking to me”

David, sweating and smiling one stupid smile, started stammering. “i..i..i, u..u see, I've left her since first semester. I think, I think that.

That, I think I told you that she will not want us to date, remember I warned you about this kind of of of.

Me: if you cant speak English, try pidgin

David: (to me) “you dey mad ni, you think say this na play”

For a while, a lot of accusation, counter accusation, defense and lies that if it was spoken near a cemetery, it will wake the dead were being given until Mercy left angrily.

If to say my brain dey work, I should have used that moment to dissociate myself from the whole story, but when David came to my room that evening, I stupidly agreed with him to go see Mercy in her hostel. My thinking was that he should not lose both girls, one is okay, as long as he had chosen which one. Mercy as butter girl, “always ready to reason” kind of girl was my preferred choice.

Well, since I’ve made the bad decision of staying in the hostel that weekend, I was also the only friend around to embark on the journey. Getting to Mercy’s room, the door was opened, I showed my head (David was behind me), Mercy saw me and I asked, “ma, are you boiling anything”, she said “no”, i asked “are you cooking anything”, she said no, anti-bad friend , why are you asking all these questions”. I just showed the rest of my body and said “David, you fit Come inside now, your skin is still save for the meantime”, it was then she understood my earlier questions and just started laughing. I was smiling too cus I felt I’ve cleared the way for some talking.

After some small banter I delved into the reason we came.

Me: “Mercy, you see I’ve always been an advocate of discussion, it’s always good to discuss and trash things out. If it’s for good, or bad, it’s always good to clear things first, even if you want to kill someone, it is good to first talk about the modalities of the killing and how the person will die, this is how I’m going to kill you o, do you have any suggestion? is their a better way for me to kill you? you might be suprised by the better options the person you want to kill will give. So Mercy, I’m here in the capacity of Aaron, since you clealy saw earlier today in our hostel that Moses (pointING to David) has vocal issues and cannot speak well. Please, I know say you be cool babe, ever sensible, coolest babe to be with, you always light up the room with your smile, a beg I need to know what happened, David had told me what happened, but like you, I do not believe him, I will believe whatever you tell me, for your word is truth.”

To cut long story short, my toasting entered her head small, she told me everything that is happening (which I will reveal little by little) and also revealed what she will like David to do.

We spent some time with Mercy and decided to leave, on getting to the main exit, David said ” padi mi, nice one, oya make we go see Uzoma”.

His game plan just clicked in my head and I shouted “se ori e yi ni” (are you mental), se o ti ya were ni (are you mental mental). After some more curses I turned left for the hostel and he turned right, heading to Uzoma's hostel.

Just by the door, I saw Uzoma coming out of our hostel with 2 ruff looking guys, I recognized one of them instantly (they are the ones that will say “hey come here” and dem no born well make you go refuse, bet you know who I’m referring to), Uzoma came to me with those guys behind her and said ” I’ve been looking for you”. One of those guys said “na the guy be this?”.

You can imagine my thought process at that moment, one part of my brain was screaming, “u Don die”, another part was saying “run, just dey run”, while another part was already given options on how to deny any guy Whatsoever they Identify me as, another part was trying to still co-ordinate my body parts to prevent them from running in different directions at once.

Episode 7

“anti- deaf, did you hear what I said” I heard Uzoma say as my brain regained control of my ears.

Me: “I hear you now” though not clearly as my heart was still making noise that would shame the drummer of any famous rock band. “u said you have been looking for me”

Uzoma: “see you, I asked you we’re is David after I said that I’ve been looking for you”

Me: “oh, (pausing, then said)” he went to look for you in your hostel”

Uzoma: “I came to see him o, he was not in the room, so I checked your room, you too no dey there, I thought he had gone to see that stupid theif. Meet my friends, they wanted to escort me back to my hostel, then I saw you, so it’s you that’s going to take me back to ***** (her hostel name)

Me: “oh”

Uzoma: “guys, meet my friend, anti-old friend”

those boys silently shakes hands with me, said goodbye, me and Uzoma started walking to her hostel.

Uzoma: “you did not want to talk to those boys, why?”

Me: “action speaks louder than words” (I don get myself back since its now clear they where not interested in me)

Uzoma: “you sha, you will never change” (she did know that a minute ago, I was about to deny my existence talk less of changING it)” you disappointed me today, you could not even support me when that dam started yanin rubish”

Me: “first thing first, what exactly did she tell you”

Note, her following revelation has been edited to confirm to the truth of what both she and Mercy said to each other earlier that day. Mercy adjusted her own statement, likewise Uzoma, but I used the trajectory of their words to locate the truth of the encounter. Also note that the discussion did not follow this exact same format, there were other statements and expressions like clapping of hand and movement of eyelid (you know women na) which could not be expressed without making the discussion too lengthy.

Uzoma asked Mercy point blank on what between her and David

Mercy: “hahan, why do you ask me that question”

Uzoma: “cus I want to know what’s between you and my boyfriend”

Mercy: “wait, wait, wait, did you just say boyfriend?”

Uzoma: yes ,my boyfriend!

Mercy: “I was told you might say this, but you and I know that you and David are not together again”

Uzoma: “cus it’s you that broke us up abi”

Mercy: “you broke up with him yourself”

Uzoma: “whosoever He told you that is a liar, God will punish all liars”

Mercy:  “well I asked David, did you or did you not break up last semester”

Uzoma: “What rubish, David can never tell you we broke up lie lie”

Mercy: “did you or did you not tell me you are not together again”

Uzoma: “lie lie, when on earth Did I say that”

Mercy: “I asked you on three occasions about David and you answered negatively”

Uzoma: “e be like say your head don dey kolo, me and David never broke up and nothing will break us up loruko olohun, well since you did not want to tell me what’s between you and my boyfriend, I just want to tell you to stop all this nonsense, or else we go wear the same trouser and you know me well o!

Mercy: (sayin to herself: I told this guy about this o, I’m not cut out for this nonsense) see Uzoma, let me explain to you, I know you and David are no longer in a relationship, to be serious with you, I and David are dating, he is my boyfriend, and God knows that before I agreed to date him, I asked you repeatedly if you and him where still together. I also asked him and he said no, therefore I know your game, it will not work. David is my boyfriend and their is nothing your bitching can do to alter that.

It was at this point that we heard Uzoma’s loud rant that was stated earlier.

“so whats going to happen now” I asked her. she said, “I’ve always been suspecting she liked David for long time, but I no know say she will go and meet him behind my back, I don’t blame her anyway, I blame David. its him I have issues with no be with that thing, but if she continues to come near David, casala must happen, girls that behave like her must be thought a leason, I’ve planned her down.”

After escorting her to her hall, she said she will come to the hostel by 4pm the next day, that I should help her tell David, I said “you wan come see ya boyfriend so una go drive us Comot to gather-brush each other abi”, she just laughed and said “wetin concern you” then she dropped the bombshell before she entered her hall.

Uzoma: “anti- soji guy”, I know why you no really greet those guys, your brain they get situation well, we were actually going to look for David in Mercy’s hostel, if to say he was there, they would have called some girls to bring her outside and dealt with her Mercilessly, God save her say she no dey with David, goodnight, see you tommorrow”.

The night was cold, really cold and about to rain, but the speed my blood dey take move for my veins has generated enough heat to boil water for eba for like ten people. What would have happened to me? I thought.

My physical condition was still in place when I got to the the room and saw David, we had missed each other on the way, I told him that Uzoma is coming tomorrow, he eyes went wild, “ha, Mercy is coming by 4pm tomorrow too na, you don forget?”

That moment I started thinking if it’s not good for me to visit Home for a few days.

Stay tuned for what happened by 4pm the next day, it was a Comedy of intimate errors,

Episode 8

4pm, I never thought I’ll dread that time, not for me actually, but for David who had gotten himself involved in a game with two determined girls who felt losing him to the other girl meant more than just a breakup.

This is where I got to understand a little bit more about the phycology of women, expecially girls who are self confident and feel they are better than the average girl. When another girl wants to take something personal from them using her feminine powers, they go balistic, they will show or try to show they are more woman than the other woman. I think most women believe that if a woman takes or snatches your guy, then she is better than you and no self confident woman who is in love will allow that.

Girls who say they can’t fight over boyfriend are categorised in the following categories.

1. The boyfriend is not her number one, so she is not really pissed if things go bad. Under this are those who have multiple boyfriends, those who like different things in different guys and those who have boyfriend for other reasons other than a relationship.

2. The boyfriend is not really a boyfriend, just a guy that is taking care of some few emotional needs at the moment, she can easily find another or elevate another one from friendzone department. Under these are those who find it hard to love, or easy not to love, those who like emotional attachment but can’t give it back or elevate it from “I just like him” kinda feeling.

3. She is not self confident and has felt she will lose to the other woman even before the fight begins. Under this category are girls who exhume confidence but are actually not confident about themself, girls who fear competition and girls who are just not capable of feeling confident when another girl steps into their territory.

That said, let’s go back to 4pm, earlier that day, David has told the boys of his plan, this included no one being in the room when either girls come knocking. well this plan got knocked down by our yet to be famous born again roommate (remember I told you about that guy) his name is Festus, later called “Fetus”, cus we felt (or later knew) he really is still not born the first time talk less of again.

Festus said he is not going anywhere and no amount of begging will change his mind.

Knowing fully well that Festus is not capable of denying Uzoma entrance into the room (he no get liver) Ade now warned David that if the girls enter and destroy his properties cus of one silly fighting, David will buy brand new ones. This put an end to any attempt by David to abscond by 4pm.

Because of my views that I should start limiting my interference in the whole issue, I decided also not to be around by 4pm, I promised myself that I will be in my room and hear the “stories that touch” later. so by 4pm, I was in my room, therefore I was not an eye witness until around 6 when I became one, why and when I became and eye witness will be revealed in the story below, the story below is revealed after different facts are gathered from the different participants.

Uzoma came around 4pm and met David and Festus in the room, she and David started talking as if they don’t have issues on ground. Around five pm it started rainning heavily, so David felt Mercy will not be able to show up, he became more relaxed and started romancing Uzoma, Uzoma thought this is a chance to make sure that David stays only with her and thus initially formed “hard to touch” while asking a series of questions. “Do you love me?” “will you break my heart again?”. You know girls love to ask those kind of questions when serious agro has hooked person. Well as usual for most guys, David kept giving the answers she wanted to hear, so they started kissing.

At this point, Festus, who was forming not interested, decided to leave the room, he met one of the roommates who is in another room and told him what was happening. The other roomate said he was going to watch film, Festus asked how, he stupidly told him the secret, thinking as a potential pastor, he will keep it to himself.

The roommate came to me first so we can go together (this is where my eye witness story began), and I did not know when I agreed to that stupid voice in my head saying “go watch film, e go sweet die”. Like goat we no dey hear word, me and the other roommate found ourself in the room, inside the lockers watching as Uzoma and David where increasing the temperature in the room due to intense friction of their bodies.

For the first time, they started slowly, missionary style, looking onto each other eyes, Uzoma was holding his face and staring at him while having her legs locked round his arse. David was slowly grinding away, not changing the slow tempo, not changing position, he was like a machine whining with precision.

After like 10 minutes, when I was about getting tired of watching one move that seems as if it was being rewinded every 4 seconds, Uzoma said “let me come on top”.

Thus they changed position, the view of Uzoma's arse, grinding faster and faster on David’s erect phallus was wonderful, non stop action punctuated by repeated m0an!ng from the actors. Uzoma still kept her eyes locked on David (I think she wants to cement an impression of her face into David’s memory about his second life). She was bent close to him, her b0s0m on his chest, are face inches away from him. Her arse was the only moving part of her body (men that girl is flexible and can move her waist).

Pka, pka, pka, she kept on going like a well oiled engine, alternating between high tempo and not so high tempo. This went on for some few minutes until David said “I’m coming”.

No matter how many times you read the following events, just know that it happened under 30 to 40 seconds.

David: “I’m cooooming”

Uzoma: “oooooooose!, I’m coming!, aaaaaarghsssh!”

David: “let me pull out, no c*mdom”

Uzoma: “nooooo”

(they gripped each other tight, very tight, both m0an!ng seriously, they where both climaxing at same time and it was wonderful to watch until I heard, or rather, Uzoma and David, and i at the same time, heard a third loud m0an!, from a third voice and from a different direction “uuuuuuuummmmmmmmhhh!, jeeeessh!”

Uzoma: (springing up and grabbing the discarded bed sheet) “who is that?”

David: “what is that”

(we started hearing noise in the locker on the other side, the far end, as if someone was trying frantically to open a locker)

Uzoma: “David there is someone their, their is someone in the room”

David: (standing up and going to the front of the locker, not knowing the person is inside the locker )” there is no one here”.

Uzoma: (Uzoma, also coming to the locker side ) “there is someone there, I heard someone inside the locker, open it”

Oh godd, they haf catch the other roomate, I thought, yawa don gas.

David opened the locker and he and Uzoma exclaimed at the same time “FESTUS!!!, what are you doing inside here”.

Before Festus could answer a knock came from the door, “David, pls open the door” it was Mercy’s voice!……

Episode 9

Silence, total silence. I was afraid Uzoma might start searching the other lockers and discover me in one of them, which would have been very bad.

How will a girl react if she discovers someone has been watching her pounding away on her boyfriends big kondo. Well Festus did not stick around to discover the answer, taking advantage of the few seconds of confusion, he came out of the locker, having soiled his trousers with his Pour (as he had ejaculated like a first timer while watching them, this resulted in his loud m0an which he was not able to control), and still having an erect J0yst!ck, he went for the door to escape. Uzoma seeing this move and still in confusion, realized she is not dressed for the war that is about to happen (as na only bed sheet dey her body and her rival is about to enter the room), so instead of stopping or attacking Festus, decided to go for her clothes which where on the floor inside the room. David too who was totally Unclad went slowly to his boxers. I later discovered that David developed breathing or heart problems at that time due to the movement of his emotional state from complete total ecstacy to complete total apprehension and fear under 30 seconds.

Also his J0yst!ck was pumping blood back to his heart and his heart could not understand if the body has employed another heart. In fact his J0yst!ck was shrinking so hard it almost dissappeared into his body.

10 or 15 seconds later the tale continues.

Mercy: “David”

David: (no responce)

Mercy: (looking at Uzoma)” mtssssssshhhw” (very hot hissing, accompanied with correct moju*batting of eye lid or eye lashes )

Uzoma: (looking up from where she is wearing her jeans kept silent but gave Mercy same measure of eyelid batting)

I dont know what they call such action by women in english, but the yoruba word is “moju” or “mo ju”. They kept this batting of eye lids up for some seconds while looking at each other, if it had been Mercy in the position Uzoma is in, I bet she would have wanted to enter the ground, but Uzoma is made up of stronger stuff and not as refined as Mercy.

Mercy took the high ground as if what she just discovered was morally incomprehensible, “rubish” , “nonsence”, “what will not happen under the sun”, “imagine”, “oh God” , this and many more she kept repeating over and over again as Uzoma got dressed.

After getting dressed Uzoma said: “David, let’s go”

David: picks up his trouser (still very slow)

Mercy: “where are you going, you better sit your arse back down, I’m seriously not in a good mood David, I want to settle all this, this evening, I won't continue with such nonsense!”.

Mercy continued to rant, Uzoma puts are hand on her hips at took the akinbo position while David continued to where his trousers. This stance went on until David got dressed.

Uzoma: (pulling David’s hands and hissed) “oya let’s go”

At this point I think, Uzoma is still a little bit ashamed, I think all girls are (you could agree or disagree with me when you comment) when they discover that another girl knows that she just had S£x less than 5 minutes ago.

Mercy: (understanding Uzoma moves and seeing she will lose ground if David leaves, pulls David by the other hand)  “I hope you are not mad David, ehn David, I'm talking to you, answer me, you are not leaving this room until you answer me”.

David: “pls cool down” (don’t know which girl he was referring to )

Uzoma now in her natural angry mode, came between David and Mercy, Mercy was still holding and pulling David’s hand so their actions resulted in the two girls facing each other in rather close and akwared way, Mercy has pulled David and her back is to the table which caused her to lean backward a little bit , Uzoma getting in the middle but being pushed foward towards Mercy by David body as he is still being pulled by Mercy.

I think the fact that their b0s0m where hitting each other more and more due to the pulling made the girls become more aware of each other. Mercy let go of David’s hand thinking that will make Uzoma shift backwards, Uzoma though shifting backwards an inch and taking the akinbo stance now said :

Uzoma: “I’ve been careful not to use you as a scape goat, to teach foolish girls what happens when you try to get between a relationship, there are many boys in this school, why is it my own you are after”

Mercy: (clapping her hands as if she just heard something funny and laughing as if what Uzoma said is hilarious) “if you have a problem with you life, go elsewhere and solve it, I don’t care if you knew David before, but I will not allow you come and be prostituting yourself in front of him, go and get a life, find a new boyfriend among your class and stop bleeping everywhere like a dam on heat.”

Uzoma knew she could not stand Mercy in the use of words, but she could gain upper hand in the use of action so she said.

Uzoma: (pointing her finger at Mercy) “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy how many times I call you, if you no like to see your fore-fathers this night, make your mother no cry for you, don’t provoke me, if you no want make sango strike you here, if you no fear for your level, make I pusue you for this school, no make me vex this moment.

Mercy don’t know where the ginger and courage came from) “my life is not in your hands, you can’t do nothing!, just carry your smelly body and go away, (clapping her hands) you are smelling! gooooo!

Uzoma: “me and you just sign am, if them born you well, stop me as I’m going, try and hold him (referring to David) again if truly your name is Mercy”

She turned from Mercy, held David and pushed him towards the door, Mercy dashed and block David’s movement. This movement made it impossible for me to see what happened next (though I later knew what happened and will tell you ), but what I heard next was a very loud whack!, a very loud scream, and the sound of a human head hitting the wall.

Episode 10

Gbim!, Gbosa!, gbam!, whack!, any kind of sound that indicated flesh hitting flesh, flesh hitting locker, flesh hitting wall. Those where the sounds that encamped the whole room for like a minute. After silently hitting each other ferociously for like a minute or two, both of them started shouting while fighting, I don’t know why some women do this, you are hitting someone and you are shouting as if you are the one being hit! why?

They fought each other until they came into my view again, the fight was really bad, never knew girls could fight like that. I think both of them must have lived in the village cus they just went from boxing mode to wrestling mode in split seconds, alternating it with hair grabbing, neck scratching etc, but the general idea was to slam the other on the ground!.

Well, that was a good idea anyway, the matresses were not helping either of them, they were trying to use the uneven fight ground to an advantage while at the same time not being a victim to a slip.

The fighting continued, and I was wondering, where is David, why is he not separating them, abi he don run comot?. This girls really injured each other, not the bloody kind of injury, but the small small skin peeling kind of injury that will leave you in a bad state for days.

They scratched the life out of each others stomache, imagine!. Every single opportunity they had to inflict skin injury, they used. They was a moment I believed both of them where afraid of the others ability to scratch, thus they held each others hands, fingers interlocked while both had their backs to the wall, they where breathing heavily and where using that short period to gain their breathe.

Uzoma: “if I don’t kill you today, call me bastard”

Mercy: *just breathing heavily no reply

Uzoma: “you dey try me, you no know who I be o”

Mercy: “who are you, ashawo, do you know who I am too?”

Uzoma: “i will show you ashawo fight today, you don see ashawo fight before?, I warned you, I warned you, you did not listen, you think say you fit collect my boyfriend, I go kill you before that happens”

Mercy: (at this moment has lost some will to fight, I think she is only trying to hold on and prevent further injuries)” if you fight me, I'll fight you, you are a woman, I’m a woman, you can never win me, you hear, you can never win me”

They kept up this small talk for a while to gain some energy back, Uzoma resumed on the offensive and Mercy replied her by hitting back, another round of fighting started.

At this point their where noises outside, boys where gathering to know what was going on in the room. The roomate who was in the locker with me had decided to escape without being seen, he pretended as if he was just coming into the room and was followed by about 5 boys. I decided to leave the locker and join them, they did not notice too, all eyes where on the two girls fighting.

I took in the whole scenario, that was when I saw David on the floor, lifeless, no movement, arms spread in an “I don die” position, it was later we learnt that when the fight started, he tried to intervene but was pushed, this resulted in him loosing his footing and slamming his head on the wall, so na David head make that sound I heard when they started fighting.

The girls where still fighting, or at least Uzoma was still trying to fight and Mercy was trying to guide herself. All of a sudden Uzoma pushed Mercy and they both fell, in a bid for Uzoma to be on top of Mercy and Mercy’s attempt to prevent that, they both found themselves under the table. This brought about a no-win situation, Uzoma could not rise up to gain upper hand, Mercy could not push her off, they where both stuck with no room to manuever under the table.

Some of the boys where having a good time, thus they prevented me and some others from intervening, (not that I really wanted to anyway) “make them fight jare, leave them”, I get they wanted to see the girls fight unclad.

Well two things caused the fight to end, one was the realisation that David was in a bad shape, one guy went to him and said “this guy don die o”, when some boys heard that statement, they simple evaporated, they where no longer in the room.

The second reason is that Uzoma and Mercy, seeing no progress in the present fight , did the unthinkable , they simply sinked their teeth into each other, both screaming out in agony at the same time!.

• The story just started, stay tuned for more dramatic & intriguing  (Episode 11 - 15) January 3, 2022.


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