[Story] The Magnificent Brothers (Season 1) {Episode 1 - 5}

The Magnificent Brothers: Life in Secondary School (Season 1)

Episode Number: 1 - 5

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller, Drama

Written By: Best98

This is a true Story suitable for readers aged 18+, may portray varying degrees of Sexual, Cultism, Violence and Crime related activities.


Life isn’t a bed of roses, it is said the action of humans set the wheel of fate in motion. Life can hurt so bad, despite the pains the torture,  misery and struggle. I finally realized i am  a survivor.


A tall dark handsome boy, who is full of life, he is the last child of his parents.

He is  one of the  brilliant students in Senior secondary school (S.S.S) one of the most populated school  in xyz, Which is known for its notoriety and moral decadence.

He is in ss2, art class and the assistant prefect.

I know u will be surprise why he was made an assistant Prefect in SSS 2, it was because of his exceptional  brilliance. He is an introvert.


(KELVIN elder brother)

A fair handsome boy who is  very intelligent, and he is known for his notorious behavior.

In SS1 he Leeds his school to a fight against another school, and he has the reputation of being a philanderer

Even with this bad behavior he is regarded as one of the most intelligent student in SSS 3 science department.

Some people say it’s hereditary, CU’s his father was a professor before he died.


(UCHE and KELVINS  mother)

A hardworking woman,  who is faced with responsibility since the death of her husband.

She has this optimism of sending her children to university CU’s she is an educated woman.

She is a nurse in a private hospital.

Since the death of her husband, she withdrawn her children from private school CU’s she was not financially buoyant enough to pay their outrageous fee.



(Kelvin’s best friend and his class mate.)

A beautiful,  kind hearted calabar girl.

She is very intelligent, art department, and she is fun too be with, she is an extrovert.


( UCHE’S’ best friend)

An average student, he is well  knows for his cruelty , “drop dead gorgeouse”U can describe him as Brain okpera look alike. he is a flirt, because of his goodlooks , girls worship on his  feet, he has numerous girl friends but none are his is real girl friend.

Episode 1

KELVIN side of the story.

(Wednesday 6am)

I woke up early in the morning, every where was dark and quit like a grave yard.

I brought out my government note book to revise because we have government text today.

About 30 minutes later I was done so I went to check up on uche in his room, I saw him reading chemistry text book.

Hmmmmmm bad intelligent boy, that whats most teachers called him in school.

I left his room and went to the birth room to take my birth about 10 minutes I was done.

I came out and put on my well iron uniform, I look the standard mirror in my room I smile at my reflection

Hmmm not bad I said to my self. 

I went to uche room again, this time I saw him playing temple run on his Android.

Guy u no go bafh abi u no dey go school today.

Abeg free me, u no say me no dey do that thing way ena they call assembly

Okay oo but know say na Mr peter dey flog oo.

E dey chop bottle abeg dey go ur school unless u won join me come late.

I left his room, I check my mum room but she was still sleeping. So I left her room and I walk outside

We live in 3 bed room apartment, it was built by my father when he was alive.

I stop at the bike pack, I would have walk but time is not on my side and besides I am a disciplinary prefect so I want to show good example to my fellow students so I took a bike to my school I stop at the entrance gate I paid the bike man and I walk inside. 

The school compound just  look so serene because most students haven’t come yet.

I walk to my to my class,  drop my bag on my sit brought out my government , I was revising before the time keeper rang the bell for Assembly, so we went out side.

People started Lining up except for the prefects. 

Like the head boy victor okoro, he is known for his mighty head, rumors has it that is head is too big that why he is very intelligent, because they will be enough space  to store information

And he is known for his ruthless behaviour amongst his fellow students.

Assistant head boy Michael Joseph, he is a gentle boy, he is the opposite of victor in terms of character and he is also intelligent.

Head girl Deborah okafor she is known for her beauty, she Is a little bit fair but I will rather call her tone because that’s the new colour on bode now. ( abi girls I lie?) she is the  most beautiful girl in  S.S.S (Senior secondary school)  she is not intelligent , she is just average, people says her post was base on favouritism because she is the principal daughter and only child.

Assistant head girl, favour ibobo a calabar girl, she has this calabar tongue, she is not beautiful but she is the most intelligent girl in her class.

Disciplinary prefect Adam Mohammad if I say he is wicked is an understatement CU’s Adam is barbaric, cruel, ruthless, he is a tyrant.

his father is a military man. He is very intelligent but he never joke. Rumors has it that no body have seen him smile before even his parents.

That why he is the best man for the job.

Assistant disciplinary prefect, you already know me, I dont need  any introduction.

NOTE:  all the prefect are in ss3 except me because I am exceptionally intelligent 

Episode 2

KELVIN side of the story.

After finishing playing temple run on my phone which I have unlock every body including the guy that played rugby, I existed  it and I check time on my phone

Jesus!!!!!!!!!! 8.10am.

I quickly run to the birth room didn’t bother to use soap I just pour  water on my body ( guys u know that 10 second bafh. na watin I do) I use a towel to clean my body sharp sharp I no even bother to rob cream self, i brought out my uniform, thank God say my brother iron am i  ware am, I ware my belt drop my tie, ware shoe, we no they ware socks na  sharp sharp I don carry my bag  cummot for my compound, as I reach out side I check time 8. 20am I smile not bad.

Even though I like to come late, I don’t  exite  8: 30am i stop at the bike pack enter a bike ,stop at the junction of my school ,

Chai!!  see customers o  (if u buy  petrol when it is sold #300 per litter when Jona won chop our neck go before him cummot you go know watin I mean. but jona I hail u )

Na so I enter ,I don’t ever bother to join the queue I started walking to my class before some one started shouting my name.


Uche!!! I look back and I saw that stupid disciplinary prefect called Adams I left him I dey claim jagaban before i jame  jet li for road,  guess who?

Mr peter maths teacher chia my own done finished. Na so e tear me slap ooo, as a sharp guy na I dodge am na the slap brez blow ear .

He ask me to knee down , omo na so i obey o CU’s I no want make he use me shine ooo……

I look at the queue of late comers, i shake my head because today queue was so much abt 45 students were  kneeling down, I saw my brother, I was not surprise, CU’s that’s is talent but I can’t sees  to get why do people like coming late or is that they love being punish “Abi kain dey sweet”?

I saw someone that looks like Cynthia,

Jesus!!!  is Cynthia, she had never came late before, how come she is  now coming late today.

Adams will be punishing Senior from ss1 to ss3 while I will be punishing,  junior but how do I get Adam  not to punish  Cynthia now?

Episode 3

UCHE side of the story.

After I knelt down I started hearing someone whispering my name.



I turn to see the person, it was no other person than Daniel.

Mad man why u dey call Me na I said too him.

Guy I be won tell u say make we plan how we go take cummot for hear ooo because me no won do any yeye punishment oooo, or  make yeye teacher come  they flog me o .

Okay na but watin  u get for mind.

I no get anything for mind o, na e make me dey call u o.

Idiot u no gt anything for mind u come dey plan to escape.

You no say na u be genius na, so plan something make we cummot for hear ooo.

Okay make I think.

KELVIN side of the story.

How do I get Adam not to punished Cynthia now, every one know that she is fragile.

Let me try to talk to him.

Adam I want to tell u something I said too him.

okay  go on.

Adam please I don’t want u to punish cynthia , you know she is fragile.

Kelvin e be like say u don  dey mad, make I no punish am because say na ur friend, if she like make she fragile that one no conscience me you hear.

Guy abeg you no say I be ur assistant na, you no fit do this one thing for me.

I fit do am but I no go do am for you, you no say me no like favoritism na.

Okay make I give u #200.

Okay but  na #500 I go collect.

Guy abeg na, na my last card be that.

Okay na because of say you be my assistant oo,   so bring the #200  and bring that your wrist watch for your hand, if u bring my balance I go give you your wrist watch back.

God!! na so u wicked?

If you no ready I won waka oo.

Okay wait wait, I removed my wrist watch and brought my last #200 and gave me.

He went to were Cynthia was and he told her to go too her class and she should thank me.

UCHE AND DANIEL side of the story.

After all the teachers had gone to their office, so I told Daniel my plan.

Guy I don  plan o,

Watin watin?

Guy clam down, the plan be say we go just waka go our class like that,  we no go answer those yeye prefect if they called us.

Okay na enter front I dey your back.

I started walking to my class, I look  at my back I saw Daniel, I smile.

We started hearing our name .



Guy them they call us oo, Daniel was whispering in my ear.

Guy just follow my Leads.

We started walking, we were almost at the entrance door of our class before we jame  victor( head boy) and Adam

( disciplinary prefect).

Were do u guys think u are going Adam bark.

To our class now, or were do u think we are going, I replied him.

Victor started saying go and kneel down now unless you want to cry.

His statement made me angry so I headbutt him on his mouth, he hit his mighty head on the wall, (the whole building vibrate like Nokia 33.10) we started fighting, before

I could say jark   I saw Daniel and Adam started exchanging Punches.

Before we heard some one bark stop that!!!!!!.

I trace the author of the voice with my eye.

Guess who?

It was Mr peter and the principal.

I said to Daniel guy our own don  finish o.

Episode 4

KELVIN side of the story.

I was in my class when the time keeper  rang  the bell for assembly, I was confused because we just finish assembly.

I quickly went outside, I was flabbergasted for  what I saw.

I saw my brother and his best friend, (Daniel)they were kneeling in front of the assembly.

The principal quickly came out and stand on the podium.

He begin’s his boring speech.

This is what I have being saying about discipline, just take a look at these  two fools who behave like a psychiatric patient.

Assuming they obey their prefect earlier, this disgraceful deed won’t been down.

I am not surprise that it was UCHE and Daniel because we all known them to behave like a tout only God knowns how their future would be like.

I am not going to duel more on it.  so I will ask the head boy and the disciplinary prefect. to tell us  how we should punish them.

UCHE  side of the story.

I was annoyed by the names this useless principal just called us.

a whole me psychiatric patient, a tout,me UCHE AZUKA, what even pain me most Is for him to put our fate  in the hands of those two idiot.

This is their time to shine let’s them enjoyed it while it last, I said to myself.

KELVIN of the story.

I saw smile on victor( head boy) and Adam face (disciplinary prefect) only God knowns what was going on in their mind.

Finally victor spoke .

Sir I would want them to be flog 24 struck on their back.

Adam replied they should removed their uniform and be flog 24 struck after that they will cleared the grass on the field

The principal node his head like an agama lizard. And he ask a students to Bring one of the school desk.

Which was brought within 10 second after he called the tallest boys in Assembly to hold their leg and hand.

UCHE  side of the story.

I look at my side I saw Daniel he was frowning ( hmmm boys are not smiling.)

I quickly stand up off my shirt, I was putting a white singlet (thank God say my singlet fyn o, if not all these yeye girls for use Me do topic.) I climb on the desk.

I was expecting the principal to flog me but I was surprise when. He ask mr peter to  me.

(Chai  my own don finish today).

He started flogging with all his strength but i was determine not to cry because it will be shameful of me cus as a guy that had many girl friends in this schools I need to show them that I am strong enough to protect them.

After he was done with me, I stood up and went to kneel behind Daniel. I could see fear in his eyes.

He just stood up, off his shirt, he was waring a tight  singlet. All the girls exclaim wow because of his six pack.

So Mr Peter flog him, he chested the kain,he even did better than me.

After everything was over me and Daniel were busy clearing the grass.

So I ask him.

Guy u know say we go treat those guys f--k up.

Yes na, I just they think the best way to punish them.

See d way them disgrace us for our girl friends front.

Me way they try to package Deborah ( head girl).

Daniel u dey mad u won package principal pikin.

I go use am do pay back for her papa.

Bad boy!!!

But no be her papa I won do revenge na those two idiot.

Episode 5

KELVIN side of the story.

After the government test, the time keeper rang the bell for break time.

Everybody went out side. except for me because I used my money to pay for Cynthia released.

(Abt.10 minutes later) Cynthia came too my sit, and we started talking,   and she started asking me question.

So kelvin why didn’t you go for break today.

I don’t really  feel like going, and besides am not even hungry.

Okay ooo, but  what really makes Adam to release me, and  he told me to thank you. So tell me what did you do.

Nothing, i just told him to release you because you don’t usually come late too school.

You think I am a fool abi?

Evey body knows Adam to be wicked, I know it impossible for him to released me without charging you.

So tell me how much did you give him.

Okay, I gave him #200 but he requested for #500. So he collected my wrist watch, and he told that any time I bring his balance, he will give me my wrist watch.

Do u really like me that much to do that for me?

Yep, but I don’t  just like seeing you being punished.

Cynthia: Okay I am coming.

She surprised me with a peck and went out side .

UCHE  side of the story.

After finishing clearing the grass, we sat down at the corner of our school.

One of kelvin  class mate  walk pass the front of us.

Chai, Daniel see this babe oooo, omo she carry oo.

I swear na truth u talk oo, but na Deborah dey my eye ooo.

That one conscience you, but say u know her name.

E be like say her name na faith, and I hear say she be holy holy oooo.

That one conscience am, I must package this girl, if she like make she dey go dipper life, I go make sure say I enter am.

Bad boy, what of joy na say she done tire you?

Abeg leave that one  , i don’ tire to dey eat only egusi soup jor, i won mix am with vegetables small, abi how you see am.

Guy na the logic be that oooo, but go meet  am, na only she sit down there, na opportunity be that ooo.

Okay make i go na, but say I make sense like this .

Guy you dey okay but no forget to use formula 265  for am ooo.

Okay na make I go try my luck. 

I walk to were faith was sitting down.

May I sit with u,i said too her.

Sure, she replied.

Okay my name is uche, I brought out my hand for a hand shake,  but she decline.

I already know your name.

Okay but can I know yours.          (I dey ask like say no be her name they just tell me)

My name is faith.

Nice I hope u would be faithful to your husband.

She just laugh and ask why do u say that .

Because guys would be mesmerize by your beautiful, I don’t really believe in angel but u look like one.( see me dey speak grammar because say I won bleep am)

You are just flattering me.

Hell no I am not flattering you, i swear AGBANI  DAREGO  they learn for were u dey I swear miss world too small for you, na miss planet make you they contest for.

She started laughing.

Abeg uche stop, I no won laugh again.

Okay dear but can you grant me this one wish.

What is it?

Please can you be my girl friend. You already have a girl friend and I think you are a flirt.

Yea i do had a girl friend, but she broke up with me, and I am not a flirt, we both known this school is full of rumors.

Okay but i don’t really know what to say.

Please  just say yes.

Okay I will think about it.

Okay but like when should I be expecting a reply.

Hmmmm maybe on Friday.

So I ask her if I could  shake her hands now.,

she brought her hand and I shook it and kiss her hand. She was just blushing. 

( no worry make i catch that your calabar waist, you no go only blush, you go bleach join am.)

I collect her number and went to meet Daniel, Daniel started asking.

Guy afa for the package na.

she dey give me Manuel response ooo.

No worry as long as you used formula 265 she go give u positive reply.

But I dey positive say she go say yes.

Okay na, but say u collect her number.

yes na.

• What happened next?

• Find out in the next Episode 6 - 10

• Coming soon – January 1, 2022


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