[Story] Home Alone Reloaded (Episode 16 - 20)

Home Alone Reloaded

Episode Number: 16 - 20

Genre: Drama, Romance

Written by: Mustapha Idris

The Story is Strictly Rated +18 and above. Viewers / Parental Guidance is advice as it may contain strong Sexual activities. Those found below 18 are advised to skip it.

Episode 16

Me: how am I sure that we won’t disappoint Jennifer?

Just then, my mum walked inside with a polythene bag in her hand.

Me: welcome ma.

Mum: Idris, so you are back?

Me: yes mum, not too long ago.

Mum: how’s school today?

Me: stressful but great.

Mum: hahaha, I know you’d say that.

She said and entered inside her room. When I was through with my food, I returned the plate to the kitchen, took my bath and walked straight to my bed where I fell down and drifted to sleep.


Time check 8:30pm

I woke up, looked at the time and was surprised. I have slept long and am really grateful they didn’t wake me up or interfere in my glorious sleep.

I got to the sitting room and my mum looked up on seeing me.

Mum: sleepy head. Your food is in the kitchen.

Me: thanks mum.

Mum: good thing you have over slept, tomorrow you’ll have enough energy for school.

That was when it dawned on me that I haven’t even tell her that we don’t have school tomorrow which is Friday.

Me: no school for us tomorrow.

Mum: no school?

Me: yes.

Mum: ah, then you’ll be at home looking the house in that case.

She said as I smiled. I entered inside the kitchen and still served myself with rice again. I came back and ate the food before sitting down with them watching a movie.


Time check 10pm

Mum: oya Farouk. The time is 10pm, lets go to bed if not tomorrow you’ll wake up late.

Farouk: oo mum, please lemme just watch this movie, tomorrow is Friday naw.

Mum: and so?

Farouk: what about brother Idris?

Mum: Idris can stay, didn’t you hear that they don’t have school tomorrow?

Farouk: mumm!!!

Mum: shut up, oya, lets go and have some sleep.

My mum said and took my little brother away. I was d--n happy. I kept on watching the movie with my eyes constantly looking at the wall clock. Time check 11pm.

I tiptoed and peeped inside my mum’s room, I was pleased when my mum was fast asleep. She was even snoring, I guess today has been over stressful. 

I tiptoed out of the house quietly, wearing a short and a cool top. I closed the door gentle and with a smile on my face, I walked to Jennifer’s room and when I entered inside, my eyes popped out.

Episode 17

Lo and behold, they were many girls inside the room. So were with bikinis while others were in other body revealing clothes.

What go me baffled was that the total number of girls present doubles the total of number of boys, they were practically no boys, except about two or three and I would have wondered if the party was a lesbian party.

Jennifer: Idris!!

She called me from a dark spot, I easily recognized her voice which I traced to where she was sitting down. She was wearing a mini skirt with a light singlet.

I quickly sat besides her and she gave me a bottle of stout to drink. I wanted to refuse at first because am not into alcohol but I couldn’t refuse, I mean it will be a disgrace to me considering the hot chicks that were all present there.

Me: thanks!

I said as I collected the drink from her and began to sip it slowly.

Jennifer: where’s your friend Samuel?

Me: so he isn’t here?

I replied her question with another question.

Jennifer: no, he is not here.

Me: then am not sure if he’s gonna make it.

I said and just then, Samuel walked inside and immediately he entered, his eyes popped out just like mine as he saw all forms and display of nudity before him.

I laughed and called him. He came and sat besides us and a bottle of alcoholic drink was also given to him. Like me, he collected the drink but unlike me, he didn’t sip or taste anything from it, he was just holding it.

The MC came out and declared the party started. He also ordered the dj for music. When the dj was giving us the latest beats, the mc was surprised that the dance floor was empty.

He looked around, by now the number of boys have doubled. He called them to come and open the floor but the boys all ran away. He laughed and called the girls to come to the rescue but they were all smiling sheepishly.

By now, I have taken half the bottle of the stout and I was feeling tipsy. The dj switched song and played one of my favourite makossa song, I didn’t know when I stood up and hit the dancing floor.

Episode 18

I didn’t know when I stood up and hit the dancing floor. I didn’t care the numerous stares I was getting at then, thank God I was very good dancer. I started dancing most of the steps that the dancers danced in the music clip.

The DJ then changed the song to “Antenna by fuse odg and shields” since Azonto was my favourite dance, I also blended well with the music. By now I was receiving claps and cheers from the girls mostly.

This made Samuel stood up and joined me, we started a two man group dance and we were killing it, then the girls started trooping in one by one, soon the dance floor was filled with all the girls.

The party was getting intense. The bad boys got close to the light switch and turned off the light. Then they joined in the dance, everywhere was dark, each boy rocking hell out of his partner.

Me and Samuel was still busy dancing when a girl turned Samuel and started rocking him. Now I was left alone, I didn’t have the courage to approach any girl for blending but that didn’t stop me from dancing, having fun and feasting my eyes on the rocking being done by bad boys.

I was still dancing when someone touched me, I turned and it was aunt Jenny.

Jennifer: dancing all by yourself?

She asked and I nodded. She gave a short laugh and before I knew it, she slid into my front and gave me her butt for free, being a talented dancer, I started work ASAP, holding both butt cheeks and rocking the hell out of her.

I must confess, her butt really felt good and soft against my hardened “BEAST”, when I thought it couldn’t get worst, the dj changed the song to “Twerk by B-red and Davido”

Now some girls tore their singlet and bra exposing their boobs. Jennifer quickly led me to a sofa where she kept me, sat on my d--k, her back side facing me and started to give me a lap dance.

D--n, if someone could have told me that Jennifer who seems quiet was this bad I wouldn’t have believed, she started bouncing and twerking on my BEAST with full vigor, she must have felt the hardness of my d--k as she quickly stood, turned around and gave me a wicked smirk.

Before I could tell what was happening around me, she was taking me into her bedroom, I turned round and saw Samuel with the girl he was dancing with. They have moved to a hidden corner and it won’t be long before he will score his “THREE POINTS”.

Episode 19

She took me to her bedroom and I just followed her at her back like a sheep led to the slaughter house.

When we got to her bed, she pushed me down and I fell on the bed violently. She looked at me for some minutes and I was shy, very shy.

She didn’t mind it at all as she seductively climbed the bed, crawling like a snake until she got to my head.

She held my face and surprised me with a deep kiss. She kept on kissing me and soon, I couldn’t match her pace. Her tongue was busy darting into my mouth, my teeth and sometimes she do tease my tongue with hers.

She rested her bum on me in such a way that her crotch was exactly on my d--k. Soon, the “Beast” started to rise up, she could feel it as she quickly lifted her bum from my crotch area with a smirk on her face.

The effect of the alcohol I earlier took was still there, maybe on a normal day when I haven’t taken any alcohol, maybe I wouldn’t have succumbed to her.

What baffles me most is that aunty Jenny didn’t care at all, maybe she is high on cocaine or heroine or any other hard drugs.

I was still thinking when she has already left me unclad. She was now stroking the BEAST and I could see a huge satisfactory smile on her face.

Jennifer: *murmured* i love big d--ks..

She said almost in a whisper that I didn’t hear her, moreover the music emitting from the sitting room was very loud.

She went down and took my d--k in her mouth, still looking at me, she started su---ng it and same time stroking it.

Wow, she is really good when giving a blow job. What surprises me most was that she didn’t even break the eye contact, she was just looking into at me and su---ng my huge d--k at same time.

I got lost in ecstasy and I didn’t know when I exploded inside her mouth, she quickly drew off but it was already late as she has already swallowed the first shot of my c-m.

She took a tissue besides the bed and cleaned up the mess.

Jennifer: you should have warned me or better still withdrew your d--k.

She said with a stern look and I apologised. By now, I could her soft moans coming from the sitting room and I needed no soothsayer to tell me what was going on.

Episode 20

Thinking I was through with her because I have ejaculated, I was very wrong. After cleaning me, she su--ed me again for like ten minutes and I was erected again.

Then she stood up, seductively she removed her bra and her pant. She was now unclad before me, her pu--y shining like gold because she has already shaved it, looking so tantalizing.

She climbed me again and I couldn’t help it, I must taste that pu--y I thought as I turned her over and dug my mouth straight into her pu--y taking her unaware.

Jennifer: ooohh, yea baby..

She said as her both hands were on my head. After ten minutes of su---ng and furiously licking of her labia, pea hole and her c--t, she pressed my head more against her pu--y and I got the hint as I quickly too her c--t into my mouth again and su--ed it with reckless abandon.

Jennifer: ohh yeaaaaaa, amm cummmingggg!!!

She shouted as I was drowned in a wave of orgasmic fluid. She kept pouring in more and more of her pu--y juice and I was very surprised, I never knew she was such a terrible squirter and I love it. Her or--sm can fill a little bottle of plastic water if care is not properly taken.

After about ten minutes, she came down and I got to her lips were I kissed her furiously. my hand was on my d--k and I traced it to the entrance of her pu--y.

I tried putting the head of my BEAST into her but she quickly covered the entrance of her pu--y.

Jennifer: I..I…I..haven’t taken…any,,any thing as big as that…

She stammered and I smiled.

Me: it won’t hurt so much. If you take your mind off it, then you will take all in.

I said but she wasn’t convince, she was still visibly scared and I can’t help but give out a short laugh.

Me: it won’t hurt. But you must have taken something bigger than this.

I said to her and she was surprised..

Jennifer: what have i taken that is bigger than this?

She asked and I quickly answered her.

Me: your training as a soldier is definetly harder than this.

I said and she smiled, she removed her hand and I rubbed the beast on her entrance to moisturize it, then gently, I entered inside her tight pu--y, when the head of my d--k has entered inside her, I gave a hard stroke and I was fully buried inside her.

Jennifer: ohhh myyy gawwdd!!!!!

She shouted with her eyes fully opened. As if they were about to pop out of her eye sockets.

• What happened next?

• Find out in the next Episode 21 - 25 (January 12, 2022)


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