[Story] Home Alone Reloaded (Episode 21 - 25)

Home Alone Reloaded

Episode Number: 21 - 25

Genre: Drama, Romance

Written by: Mustapha Idris

The Story is Strictly Rated +18 and above. Viewers / Parental Guidance is advice as it may contain strong Sexual activities. Those found below 18 are advised to skip it.

Episode 21

She opened her eyes widely as if it will popped out of her eye sockets. I wanted to remove my BEAST that was inside of her but she was very quick as she held my waist.

Jennifer: don’t you dare movee!!!!! I need to get used to thisss!!!

She moaned out loud while I just obeyed as I kept my BEAST still buried inside of her, I was a bit scared and it got to a point where I didn’t know what to do.

After about seven minutes, I observed that she has gotten used to my length inside of her, this she proved my whining her waist beneath me.

I brought out my d--k slowly till I was half way out of her, then I shoved it back inside of her as slowly as possible, her p---y was very wet, probably the wettest p---y I have ever f----d.

Jennifer: oh myyy gawwd, oh myyy gawwd, ittsss so bigg, here baby, keep moving in slowly, oh myyy gawwd….

She kept moaning out, saying different things that wasn’t a bother to me. I was fully concerned with the overwhelming feeling I am deriving from this wet juicy and clean p---y.

I still maintained my slow th--st. I was thrusting slowly, our both eyes were shut.

She was deep in ecstasy, I bent down a little and took one t-t in my mouth, she let out a loud moan.

Jennifer: *shaking vigorously* not again…not again…I am cumminng!!!

She voiced out as another wave of heavenly or--sm shook her. I stopped thrusting instantly as I waited for her to come down from her high heavens, then I continued my slow t----t.

Now, the thrusting was getting deeper, I maintained my slow movement, she didn’t complain, she was also enjoying the slow f--k if probably not more than me.

I felt my own o----m build up, I wish I had the power to prolong my release time, I would have done so but too bad, I have got to c-m.

Two more slow strokes was taken and I began to shake, I wanted to bring out my d--k when she grabbed me with her both legs and I had no option than to dispose my milky sperm inside of her.

Me: yeaaaaaa, feels so good, yeaaa, yeaa,


I moaned and I fell on top of her.

Episode 22

I moaned as I fell on top of her heavily. She didn’t show any expression of a slight pain on her face as my whole body was on her, well she’s a soldier, her body system has been trained to be strong and take whatever is laid upon it, no wonder she’d take all the BEAST inside of her.

In all my years as a sex freak, I haven’t had such a romantic sex before though I did watch them in movies. I won’t ever forget the sex, so slow and sweet from the beginning till the end.

My d--k was still inside of her, I could feel our mixed juices sipping out of her p---y and wetting the bed we laid on.

Me: that was awesome aunty Jenny.

I said as I faced her, still ontop of her with my d--k still inside her warm p---y, though it has shrink to it normall RESTING MODE.

Jennifer: will you please stop this your aunty Jenny, aunty Jenny, just call me Jenny or Jennifer.

Me: * wide eyed* alright..

Jennifer: call me now!

She said in a commanding tone.

Me: Jenny!!!

Jennifer: that’s better.

She said and held my face. She started kissing me and this time around, I returned the favour. I knew she is a great kisser but she won’t win me now.

My pace was much more than her, soon I was in control and she has no other choice than to give up. I took my time and gave her a passionate kiss.

All that was happening now was just like a dream to me, If someone would have told me before that I will be here banging Aunty Jenny, sorry I mean Jenny, I wouldn’t have believed.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t sexually attractive at my sight, well she is. In fact, her nice curves always gives me hardon. So far so good, out of all the discoveries I have made, she is the sexiest soldier girl at our battalion.

Her chocolate skin colour, her eyes and long hair, her sweet voice and sexy legs, her rounded and big p---y with that killing boobs.

D--n!! The BEAST is coming back to live.

Jennifer: *surprised* what!!!!!!

She screamed as the BEAST came back to life with anger, threatening to savage and destroy her punani.

I broke the kiss, now with the demon in me, plus the additional strength gotten from the young but powerful BEAST.

I started fu---ng her with full speed, it got to a time I made five strokes in a second, four in a second and then five again. She was now shouting, thank God for the loud music emitting from the sitting room.

Her screams and cries was loud, the more she cried, the more I bang, soon she held me tightly to her body and we both exploded, like a time bomb at same time.

Episode 23


I was sitting down with Samuel, we were busy clearing the bushes that surrounds everywhere. Though today is Friday, we want all the bushes to get cleared before Saturday so that on Saturday, we will be free.

Me: *clearing bushes* Samuel, how yesterday be na?

Samuel: baba, yesterday own no be here o.

Me: I swear, you score three points?

Samuel: yes na, that girl bad oo. Na the time wey the party don hot, na him she throw me for ground come climb me without any pity or remorse, but I swear, that girl tight well well.

Me: aya, na me and aunty Jenny wey run parole o.

Samuel: Jesu!! No wonder una two go enter inside her bedroom, I been dey observe say I dey hear shout but my mind no go there o.

Me: haa, I scatter her womanhood yesterday o.

Samuel: ah baba, I trust you na.

Me: wait, after the party how you use enter house?

Samuel: baba, I…..

Me: wait, why you too like to dey call me baba self?

Samuel: *whispered* Because na you be baba, when it comes to bleeping now.

Me: mtcheew, you don high. Talk better thing jare.

Samuel: ok, so as I was saying, I sneak enter inside our house o, sheybi na around three wey the party finish?

Me: yes, three to four.

Samuel: I just sneak enter inside our house, mum and dad dey sleep. Without wasting time I baff quietly and go straight to bed.

Me: even me too na same thing I do, as I see say them still dey sleep when I sneak in, I just baff before I enter bed. You know say Jennifer been dey beg me make I sleep for her house?

Samuel: haa, but that one no go dey possible naw.

Me: see me see wahala o, the babe just dey beg say make I sleep o.

Samuel: but your mum go quarrel you in the morning naw.

Me: exactly the point..

I said as I dropped the cutlass, took a little broom and started sweeping the grasses that have been cut.

Me: she no know say I commot, when she wake up in the morning no come see me for house dat one na double wahala o.

Samuel: yes, before I forget, today na Friday so who you go like to visit?

Me: I no understand.

Samuel: Bella or Mrs Fatima.

Episode 24

Samuel: Bella or Mrs Fatima?

I got confused, who should I visit. Bella or Mrs Fatima. If I visit Bella punani go dey o, and if I visit Mrs fatima, she said something about my assignment and work in class, my scores too go increase o.

Me: sammy, I don confuse.

Samuel: hahaha, I know wetin you dey think.

Me: which is?

Samuel: if you visit Mrs Fatima your score fit increase because she go definetly help you out, but if you visit Bella you go see free p---y to f--k.

Me: yes oo, which one I go take?

Samuel: Idiot, take both mumu.

Me: how.

Samuel: call one of them, tell am say na tomorrow you go fit come, say today you no get chance.

Me: yes oo. You’re absolutely right.

By now we have finished with the grasses. We kept them in a large waste bin ready to be disposed of. Samuel was right all the way, I will definitely postpone one of the visit but which one out of the two?

As we were through with the environmental sanitation, we washed our legs and went our separate ways.

Samuel: *entering inside their room* bee wise boy, be wise.

I smiled at Samuel, nonsense guy! I entered inside our room, my brother was sitted on the couch with my phone playing temple run, my mother should be in the kitchen preparing breakfasts.

I wanted to enter our bathroom to have a nice shower, truth is, my eyes were heavy with sleep, I didn’t sleep well yesterday so it was definetly affecting me.

I was about to enter inside the bathroom when my brother ran to me with Mr phone.

Farouk: brother Idris your phone is ringing.

I looked at it and it was an unsafe number, I picked it without saying hello.

Voice: hello.

I quickly recognized the voice as Bella’s.

Me: hi bella, good morning.

Bella: morning Idris. Erm, will you still be coming to my place today?

Me: *hesitated* y..yess!!

I drew the YES not sure if I will come or not.

Bella: please can we shift it till tomorrow, my friend living down the street is celebrating her birthday and I have to be with her all through.

Me: *happy* alright no problem, I will come to your house tomorrow.

Bella: you can also come to the party, I am inviting you.

Me: hahaha, don’t worry, I will come to your house tomorrow for the assignments, I also have lot of work to do today.

Bella: *voice down a little* alright bye.

She said and ended the call.

Me: Yes!!!!!!

I shouted giving my little brother the phone, I will surely go over to Mrs Fatima’s house. who knows, anything can happen.

Episode 25

I quickly entered inside the bathroom after giving my phone to my younger brother who took it and ran away happily.

After taking my bath, I came out, applied a little cream on my body and wore a light a cloth, by then breakfasts have already been served by my mother so I just joined them.

We ate our breakfasts of bread, fried eggs and tea in silent. After the breakfasts, my brother cleared the plates while I ran to my bedroom to catch some sleep.


~~~~~~ FAST FORWARD~~~~~

Time check: 3:50pm

I was wearing my cool Sunday outfit with my sunglasses on. I took out my sneakers and was busy cleaning it when my mother came inside the room.

Mum: ahh, this one you are dressed like this where are you going to?

Me: I wanna visit my aunty, she said I should come to her house today.

Mum: *inquisitive* she?

Me: yes mum, she wanted to talk to me about my performance in class.

Mum: and who is this female teacher if I may ask?

Me: her name is Mrs Fatima.

Mum: *relaxed* oh you mean your mathematics teacher?

Me: yes ma.

Mum: alright, hope you have enough money to transport yourself to and fro?

Me: yes ma.

Mum: good, incase you come back and didn’t see me, then know I am at shop.

She said and left for shop. I got outside and saw Samuel my guy sitting down on a bench.

Me: baba I don dey go o.

Samuel: alright bye and goodluck.


I took a bus to her house, thank God the direction she gave to me was not that far and I am familiar with her place.

On my way going, I decided to log in my whatsapp to check if I had any messages and to while away time. Immediately I logged in, different messages started to flood in.

The one that caught my attention was the one I got from Omolola. Here is a little recap about how me and Omolola met via whatsapp two weeks ago.

Episode 26 - 30 (January 16, 2022)


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