[Story] How 3 Girls Fought Over 1 Guy (Episode 11 - 15)

How 3 Girls Fought Over 1 Guy

Episode  Number: 11 - 15

Genre: Drama, Romance

Written / Story by: Antispxish

The Story is Strictly Rated +18 and above. Viewers / Parental Guidance is advice as it may contain strong Sexual activities. Those found below 18 are advised to skip it.

Episode 11

Half of their bodies was under the table when they decided to sink their teeth into each other and screaming agonisingly at the same time. I do not know who bite who first and I do not think the boy’s wanted to know at that moment also.

Half of the boys dragged the girls out from under the table, though the dragging took less that five seconds but to totally separate the two girls from each others grip, that took about 30 to 45 seconds more, they firmly held on to each others hairs, not ready to let go first.

At the same time some of the boys to David and started shaking him, one of the boys from another room said ” let me give him mouth to mouth”, another said ” I Don dey suspect say you be gay”(which we all later came to know as true anyway)” mouth to mouth ko, lips to lips ni, will you get out!”.

To cut that part short , David later started moving, probably its the mouth to mouth thing he heard that got his brains to take control, I really don’t know . I also think he did not really faint but was close to it,(I don’t really know o, I’m not a doctor). The girls where silent during this brief period of not knowing if David has gone to see baba god or not, but as soon as they realised that he only booked ticked but did not take the flight, they started raining curses on each other , they did not try to move near each other cus as we can all see, both of them where extremely tired and in serious pain.

I figured that uzoma should have been able to beat mercy to a pulp , but the intense s*X she had just prior to mercy”s appearance and the shock of finding Fetus in the locker had reduced her power battery by 50 to 60 percent. Yet she would not relent in the use of abusive speech, using 4 major Nigeria languages , English, yoruba, IgBo and pidgin.

Mercy on the other hand, though not relenting inintially in replying abusively, only used English.

Well mercy later shut up when uzoma started with her threats , she said

uzoma:”woo, this night, you will walk this campus Unclad”, I will not beat you again , but I go make sure you say regret the day you decided to tangle with me, me uzoma, I will show you fire!, boys will be slapping you everyday until you run away from this school”

The above are the smallest of her threats , mercy was now silent (you could see slight fear on her face), boys who knew uzoma where leaving one by one(don’t know why I was too stupid not to equally apply that idea, so I stayed).

During uzoma’s rants, ade, aka master Lee came into the room, he was with one fine babe(who knew mercy). Ade kept silent during most of usomas rants, but as she was about to finish , he ordered all the remaining external aliens out of the room, so It remained David, ade, ade’s new catch, femi (roomate), one other roomate, mercy, uzoma, and I in the room.

Uzoma soon left , promising to deal with mercy that same evening, ade prevented mercy from leaving , telling her to wait in the room that he will sort things out, mercy happy to hear someone will help quickly sat on one of the now “out of position” bed.

We later found out that the reason for Adès stance was the statement his new catch ( the girl he brought into the room ) made, she ordered ade that nothing must happen to mercy on campus.

Your might be confused about the story at this point, i was confused when i discovered this part of the story too, why would an unknown girl give ade, whose only aim of coming to the university is to get a degree in nacking, such command.

My confusion was later cleared few days later , the fact is that none of the boys in the room, including me, knew who ade is or was at all.

The whole story has now turned to another thing, something I was totally ill equipped to participate in.

Episode 12

8pm local time, things have calmed down a little, the hall has returned to normal, it Looked as if nothing had happened in the past one hour or so. If you just arrived in the room, you would think nothing spectacular happened, except when you take a closer look at mercy, she was thoroughly beaten. Don’t take it as a one way fight, cus I later saw uzoma that same night and her condition was not better. I know that uzoma knows how to fight and does not shy away from it , but I was suprised (and can bet that uzoma was suprised too) that mercy could trow a few strong punches too.

As I recalled the fight, if not that they both got tired quickly and same time, one of them will be in the hospital by now.

8:10 pm local time, mercy was on one of the beds, alone and Checking herself out, David was on another bed sleeping peacefully, “see this bastard dey sleep in time of war wey he cause” I thought, ade was gisting with the new babe on another bed while I was busy playing ps2 with one of the roomates called femi, the issue of Fetus has been partially forgotten and no one has sIghted him yet.

8:20pm, local time , ade said he is escorting mercy to her room and we should have dissappeared by the time he comes back with his babe, so the three left for a while. Me and femi where the last to leave the room cus we wanted to finish the game which ended up in penalties, I usually beat him, but my mind was not fully in the game. lost the game anyway , imagine Ronaldo (the real Ronaldo, the brazilian) lost the fifth penarity(as we all call it in those days before we all tried to turn ajebutter). David woke up and left before us, did not know where he went to until later.

8:40pm, local time, I was back in my room, gisted a little with my roomates, gave them few details about what happened upstairs then discovered that I was extremely hungry. Well its good, my body is now back in full sync, brain is in full control, can now detect body functions properly once again. So the decision was made, it’s burger tonight(burger= bread and egg o )and I’m going for the big size 40 naira bread with 3 eggs instead of 30 naira bread(in those days 40 naira bread is like 100 naira today)

So like a sure boy who wanted to have a big meal , I set out for the “ma tea” outside the hall, actually they where situated between two halls. Getting there, I joined the queue , ordered for my food and payed, I had to pay extra 10 naira so they can add extra pepper, onions and other ingredients. When it was finally prepared ,I decided to go back into the hostel. I was in a good mood, feeling “all iz well”(big bread and egg can bring out such feelings in you as a student)until I saw uzoma!, coming towards me with four other!

gbim!, my heart skipped , I still wonder why it is my heart that always react first when it was my eyes that first sees things , can someone tell my why?. she was walking fast towards me , she was with 4 others, two guys and two girls.

The following incident occurred thus: (other words where said that I cannot recall, but the major parts are stated below)

uzoma: “anti-friend, wey David ”

me: “I don’t have a lock on his present geographical location”

uzoma: “wey mercy”

me: “can’t pin point her on my radar”

uzoma: ” guy talk straight, you think say this na play?, you know dey there when the thing start?, imagine sef, person dey fight me, she and those boys, you sef they support them”

ME: (my mind was reeling, was she talking about the fight in the room or was she she talking about another fight, cus their was no boy talk less of boys fighting her in the room, it was 2 girls fighting o!, she must have sold a different story to this her gang o). I could not tell her that so I said ” what are you saying na”

uzoma: “what I’m I saying?, look my eye dey red here o!, you dey craze?”

me: (slightly angry)”what’s all this nonsense………”

I never got to finish my sentence cus of what happened next. suddenly my horizontal elevation, that is , my ability to view the world at a certain height depreciated rapidly in less than a second from about 6 feet above ground level to less than one feet above ground level. If there was a physics or engineering student around, I bet they would have been able to tell me the laws that was applied to make such thing possible.

From looking down at uzoma, I was suddenly looking up at her, dust was everywhere and a booth was placed on my head, instead of saying ” what did I do” it was ” wetin…We tin… wetin happen!” that came out of my mouth, wow!, my English was also broken by the fall.

Episode 13

I was smelling soil , correct compressed over pressed soil, “how come” I thought. I felt the hard heel of a timberland booth on my head. “what is going on I asked myself”, well instead of my brain to find out all I heard from it was one of shaggy’s famous songs ” why me, why me lord”.

They were talking, the girls where laughing, but I was not understanding, even though I was hearing.

As my thoughts was running riot, it ran over an issue that gingered me to reation, my burger!, wey my big expensive bread and egg with a collection of sliced tomato, onions and pepper!

Where is my food, that got me to react , I pushed the booth away and tried to stand up, hands where on me and I pushed them back , the struggle began. “I must retrieve my bread and egg at all cost!”, I said to myself ” what kind of man looses his food expecially when he is hungry” . Well I’m that kind of man, I heard a click and I went limp, by brain which had been shouting “fight ,fight ,fight” for some seconds went silent all of a sudden, no, it went silent instantly. It went so silent that even the best submarine sonar cannot detect it’s location. What made the click was clear to me, even though it was dark, I knew what it was, it was the sound of a sharp knife leaving it’s compressed chamber. I don’t know if it was a akbar or aigis, who cares, at this moment knife na knife and I’m not that stupid to think it will not be used on me, that it was sharp or blunt is not an experiment ill like to be part of.

I broke the guinness book of record for liter of sweat a man can produce per minute , in fact I broke the record for liter of liquid that leaves the skin of any living thing in one minute!.

I was just about shifting to prayers and begging accompanied with well choriographed wailin when I started hearing a familiar voice , it was Ade’s voice , getting louder and louder, and he was coming towards us.

loko! loko!, you dey craze?, you no hear wet in I talk?”, ade repeated over again, loko, who I later discovered is the name of the guy who pulled the knife on me and was about to sink part of it into my arse(later learnt that that was his intention). He stopped, looked at ade, then he and the second guy left me on the floor. Ade and the unknown babe came over , ade looked at me and said ” anti-ground, stand up”

me: “huh?”

ade: “stand up and go”

me: looked at the other guys and refused to move, who be ade compared to these boys? , he wan make them kill me when I try to stand up?, why are they not treating Ade’s interference, they should have descended on him for interfering na!. The only comfort Ade’s presence gave me was that he might tell others and school authorities the identities of those that are about to send me to the great beyond without my food.

ade: “I say stand up!”

loko: “you no dey hear again, i never slap you and you Don deaf already, comon, leave this place now”

The “now” part of loko’s statement has not reached me, but I was already on my feet, my waist and hips has turned to a V8 engine , propelling my legs at an ever increasing rate.

Ade later told me that after he blinked his eyes, he could not see me again, he suggested that I should start running for the school , I’ll Win medals at NUGA.

I ran to my room , lied to my roomate about why I was soaked in sweat and dirt. I also learned one thing that night, fear can belleful you!, I’ve not eaten for a while, but I’m surely was not hungry again!.

I finally was able to sleep later, but what do you think happened that night and the next day?

Episode 14

I did not leave my hostel all day, skipped lectures, skipped the guys and event upstairs and skipped food till afternoon.

By 7pm, the need to know what has happened overtook me, so I went upstairs, saw no one and Decided to go check on mercy.

mercy was in her hostel , cooking indomie, ” I go chop o” I said , she reluctantly agreed to buy and cook for me so I sat down and started gisting with toke(mercy’s friend and roomate) while she went to get the indomie. info on some details in this story came from toke.

15 minutes later, she came back in accompanied by David, I noticed she was smiling, David was smiling too, she still had some marks on her neck but all the swollen skin had gone down. “What had happened overnight” well a lot!

Ade had assured mercy that nothing will happen to her, she believed him, I think girls can smell strong men right?, girls pls let me know if this is true!. David, when he left the room the previous night after waking up, had gone to mercy’s room first and later to uzoma’s hostel, he did not reveal the details of what he told them , but they believed him, they believed the well cooked lies he gave both of them, cus both girls believed the other was still trying to collect her boyfriend from her and will anything to prevent it.

The girls where kinda stuck in this war anyway, their friends who knew about the drama(toke and some I might mention later) where fueling the whole thing with aviation gas, “no gree o”, “no let one ugly thing collect your guy” , “you and her are not in the same class”,”she is not better than you” , they kept on giving this kinda advise. I realised something, in the university, love and respect is way down the ladder while ego, predigree, levels and things related to it are way up when girls and boys decide to start dating.

A girl will consider the guys level and how the relationship will benefit her social status before considering things like love, faithfulness etc.

For guys,well….. you all know na!

Uzomas change in behavior from a combative mode was a suprise to me, but I later realised why, it was all because of ade’s involvement in the whole issue, and ade only got involved cus of the unknown girl ordering him around , and somebody go say women no get power!

sorry for jumping too far ahead, but I just wanted you to grasp some few things

back to present: imagine my anger when I realised that out of all the boys involved, including fetus who was discovered in the locker, I was the only one that got beaten, got disgraced and did not eat dinner last night! imagine , just imagine , na bad luck be that abi na wetin.

I was still considering my luck when mercy tapped me ” anti-gone, you no support?”

me : ” support what ?”

mercy: “you did not hear what me and David where saying?”

me: “I’ve stopped listening to David, God now speaks to me directly” (remember, the moses and Aaron issue is now a running joke among the girls in mercy’s hostel.

mercy: (laughing)” we said it will be good if you and toke marry, you fit each other”

toke: (forming angry face)”why now mercy, I’ve told you to stop this nonsense many times , you still bring this issue up all the time”

mercy: “shat up dia, just tell us now that you don’t like anti- fine boy and we will find another girl for him”

me: (instantly I catch the drift, catched mercy’s game and also realised that there is no way I will be the loser here, in fact it might be might payment for being the looser in the whole wahala. ” toke na very fine babe”,(of which she is not, she is just there, good looking but nothing spectacular ), “she will not date ordinary boys like me, I’ve liked her since I met you guys, but hot girls like toke don’t have time for boys like me.”(you go fear reversed toasting)

mercy: “talk to her first, see if she wunt go out with you”

toke: “you guys funny o, you are matching people up in front of them, don’t you know that it is embarrassing and rude, you are making it look as if I’m not capable of having my own boyfriend”

mercy:” what is embarrassing their , it’s not as if you will tell us when you start doing things to each other, by the way , you get boyfriend ?”

toke: (if Nigeria girls could blush, she for done turn red) “MERCY!, abeg o, I be Saint o!, pls leave my live alone abeg, I’m not been ready to date all this boys wearing baggy trowsers up and down”

Hope you guys remember that the rave for baggy trowsers came first before skinny ones, Big round neck tops first before fitted ones , canvas before sneakers and timberland boots before wateva we wear nowadays.

I made a mental note not to wear my wu-wear baggy jeans for a while till this babe done fall, that jeans is so baggy, you’ll call it a skirt nowadays. Well, the discussion went on for a while, we were eating indomie, Celine dion and later West life was playing on mercy’s potable cd player. In those days we buy full album cds, rnb mixtapes are not common, therefore if you no want your romantic moment to spoil you better know the tracks to play and tracks to skip! cus if you leave Celine dion to play from a to z, track 5 might be ” I love you” while track 6 might be ” pls don’t fall in love” or “he is a player” , you can make a mistake of switching to track nine and find out its about how boys break girls heart. If the girls is “hard to get”, you lack of knowledge on track selection might make things worse for you o!

We finished eating and David suddenly started kissing mercy, that was a cue for me and toke to leave, out side I asked toke where she is going , she says nowhere, I said ” let’s take a walk together” she said ” ok” .

I did what every sharp guy will do, the door has been opened, I enter!, I decided to sweet talk toke that night , she fell like a pack of cards (thanks to mercy’s initial elevation of my status and the fact that she knows me a little bit ), sometimes the best way to a girl is through her friend!

The story has been boring so far, I had to add this details so you guys will understand the storyline in detail, the juicy parts stated the next week or so, it was………

Episode 15

Me and toke talked outside till like 3 am, during our jisting , we saw David and mercy go into the most expensive restaurant around the hostel, boys hate that place like anything , take the wrong girl to that place, or fall for the wrong girls coercion to visit that joint, and you might end up doing 1-0-1 on garri, groundnut and water alone for the rest of the week!. If the girl takes ice cream, juice or takeaway along with the usual, then cancel groundnut and cold water, cus you will be begging for pure water to mix with your garrI.

Back to the story, I’m sure that it’s mercy that is paying anyway, David is a broke fine boy. We talked about them and if their relationship will last, I noticed that toke was a little envious of mercy, so I capitalised on that point, offering myself as a candidate in her search for a relationship like that of David and mercy.

After askING so so many questions, she finally agreed to see me later and more often(that’s what she said anyway), she said she has not agreed to date me, but we should just be seing each other as friends first.

For my mind I said ” case closed, toasting 100% effective, just start acting as if she is your girlfriend, no need for further sweet words. Girls, some of us know when you have fallen, still doing hard to get, or is simply not interested, We can decipher that you are tripping even before you yourself know o!, don’t try us!

Things remained calm for the rest of the week till the next week , exam was fast approaching and everyone was busy, I did not see uzoma for a while but David went to her hostel often, saw toke and mercy several times, I’ve increased my visit to their hostel.

I’ve learnt why uzoma could not touch mercy again except it’s a one on one fight(this I will explain later), mercy knows this too. things would have boring for a while until 3 incidents just before our exams

first incident: The previous evening when mercy came around, she teased me that I’m not a man, that she and toke where talking one midnite and toke said I’ve not made any move to touch her. So for my mind, for toke to say such, that means such move from me is on her mind, I’ve planned to test this new hypothesis and see if it’s true or not, I’ll give you the juicy detais soon, but the 2nd incident is the one ill get to first, which is: uzoma and David in the the room alone and me in my favourite spot, the locker!

third incident will be revealed soon!

let me give you some more details about what happened immediately after I was almost knifed by usomas goons, the unknown lady later slapped uzoma that night like three times near her hostel(reason unknown), the two other girls who where there could do nothing, ade did not fight anyone, he just talked and the guys dispersed,ade and the unknown girl later bleeped and bleeped frequently (details later), and there was an underground project that only ade, usoma and the goons initially knew the details of, with David and mercy later coming to know. I was the last of the main characters that got to know, if you don’t count the third girl in the drama as main character yet!.

Also to note is that mercy is back with David, acting as if uzoma does not exist and their was no fight, uzoma and David where also together, as if their was no issue on ground! hmmmm, but you and I know sha, that there is one kind calmness that comes before a storm, both girls are aware and preparing for it seriously.

Before I forget, fetus location has been discovered, he had been hiding in his church all this time, refusing to come back to the room.

Now back to the present,i was in my room reading when one of the roomates came calling, he said uzoma and David are alone in the room upstairs , ” and so?” I asked, he said david had earlier booked space so he knows there will be action, he was trying to use me to summon courage so we should go watch!.

There is a spirit in man,don’t know if you have such spirit as a guy or if girls have it too, if you allow that spirit to grow heen!, you will always enter wahala, that spirit propels you to do something you will enjoy even when you know such enjoyment can lead to permanent disjointment of your body parts or even death.

All of a sudden the pictures of uzoma’s round petit arse moving rhythmIcally filled my vision, and I casted away the good spirit telling me not to go!

kia masa, we re we re, speadily, me and my friend in crime where in the room, in the lockers, we had one secret which gave us confidence , we knew that David and some of the other boys now check the lockers before action begins , then they locked the doors, but they do not know that one can enter and exit the locker during the action time without them knowing.

Well the action was ungoing when I came in, uzoma was only wearing a very tight red top, those kinda of tite cheap tops that girls wear on black jeans and shows all the lines of their bra. well that was the only thing she was wearing, her jeans was on the floor with David’s clothes.

she was on top, moving horizontaly in a stylish manner, no vertical movement yet, but it was sweet to watch.

she moved slowly , both of them playing with each others hands, there fingers interlocked, raising their hands to the highest point possible , bringing it down and raising it up again, as if they where dancing to Indian song.

THis went on for like 5 minutes, then they stopped moving, where they tired? has the show ended? where we late?, they just held on to each other, whispering to each others ears,(can’t hear what they where saying) with uzoma lying on David’s chest.

I thought this was the end of the show until uzoma started going up and down on David’s shaft, she started slowly but increased the tempo and her ring tone every 20 seconds or so. She kept increasing the tempo until her legs could not keep up with the movement of her waist and arse any longer, “this is the fast furious and long lasting s*X I know na, they are not getting down to it”

Uzoma squirted , sitted, layed down on, and even bent over on David’s big condo, I seems she has signed that as long as davids thing remain standing, she will not relent until she brings it down.

After a while, David took charge, he turned her, she folded her short legs behind his arse as usuAl, and the machine called david pounded away , this guy should be a drummer, cus his Rythm was perfect, Dim, dim dim dim, he kept going , no speed alteration, no relenting, no pause , no reduction in impact. Uzoma kept replying with soft m0ans that was getting louder every few minutes.

All of a sudden , uzoma, started jacking back faster than David was giving it to him,

hmm mm mm, faaaassst…eeer, her legs where in the air, her hands squeezing David’s back and arse, David jacking faster and faster and faster, and then there was one loud, long m0an and then silence, no movement except those associated with heavy breathing.

Time to go, action done end, agro has taken over my body , time to leave.

I left the room, but did I go to my room? no way, I headed for the exit, toke must hear am today, I must release all this pent up emotion, she must launch my nuclear weapon tonight!, no way I’m I sleeping with this konji, me and toke must sing zulezo tonight!

All this thought I heard when I knocked on their( toke and mercy) room door!

(Episode 16 - 20) January 20, 2022.


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