[Story] The Magnificent Brothers (Season 1) {Episode 6 - 10}

The Magnificent Brothers: Life in Secondary School (Season 1)

Episode Number: 6 - 10

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller, Drama

Written By: Best98

This is a true Story suitable for readers aged 18+, may portray varying degrees of Sexual, Cultism, Violence and Crime related activities.

Episode 6

KELVIN side of the story.

Finally Cynthia arrived, she was carrying a plate of rice and a bottle if coke, she just drop it on my Table.

What’s this for, I ask her (like say i no know)

Is for you, it’s my way of saying thank you.

Okay thanks, but you don’t have to.

I chose to do it, so just eat your food.

I started eating the food, she was just watching me.

I didn’t  even bother, (because the hunger way hole hear pass bros J own when him finished that 40 days and 40 night fasting.,)after I was done, I told her thank you..

So she took the plate that she wants to return it. 

I told her I would  returned it because I want too see my brother outside.

So I took the plate, I drop it.  as I was about going I saw my brother and Daniel, they  were busy talking.

So I went to meet them.

Me: Guys afa  na,

Daniel: Omo we dey o 

Me: So how ena body na .

Uche: We dey fine ooo, guy watin be time for your wrist watch na.

Me: Omo me no get watch again,

Uche: you way i see watch for your hand when you dey go school.

Me: Adam don  collect am oo

Uche: azin how, how it take happened.

Me : Him punish Cynthia  so I come tell am make him free her but him  no gree,  I come tell am say I go give am #200, but he tell me say na #500 him go collect oo, I show am say na my last card be that, so him come say make i bring am and my wrist watch say if I bring the balance I go collect my watch.

Daniel: your brother na mugu,  girl way u never bleep, person way no be even your girlfriend na u dey sacrificed your property for, what if she come be your girl friend unko, that means you go even sacrifice your life for am na.

Uche:  guy u f--k up,  watin  bad if them punish am .

Me: I just like her, and I no like to see her cry.

Daniel:  uche i dey tell u say your brother na  ote u go think say I dey lie, make we blend am jor.

I left my brother and his friend,  because i don’t  want to listen to their annoyingly comment.

I started  thinking about what they said earlier,  she is not my girl and I am over protecting her.

I do have feelings for her but how will I know if she felt the same way for me.

What if she did not feel anything for me, the only way to find out is to ask her to be my girlfriend.

But how will I ask her to be my girlfriend?

Episode 7 & 8

KELVIN side of the story

(2:30pm) the time keeper rang the bell for closing, we went to our various homes.

I was going home with  uche so we stop at the gate of our house we entered, and we saw our mum in the sitting room.

We greeted her.

good afternoon ma.

Mum: good afternoon My Sons so how is schools today.

fine,  we  both replied.

Mum: so Uche I hope you are preparing for your waec.

Uche: yes ma I am preparing.

Mum: okay you guys should go and freshen up  and kelvin see me before 4:30pm because I will be going out by 5:00pm

Me: okay no problem.

We left her, I went to the birth room,

After taken  my birth I eat  my food, rest a little bit and went to see her.

you asked me too see you, I said too her.

yea, I want too ask you if you would like to write your waec with uche.

yea I will love to.

Okay Just prepared your self and read a lot.

Okay no problem, can I go now.

You are free.

UCHE side of the story, about (7:45pm)

I was just bored so I decided to send faith a love text, and it says.

You have been the first and will be the only one ever to touch my heart. Ever since the day I met you, my heart stopped beating for me. It beat only for you, saying I love you with every beat.

After that I decided to call her so I dial her number, she  pick in the second ring.

Me: hello dear, 

Faith: please who Is this?

Me: it’s me  uche

Faith: hmmm Uche, so you are the one that sent me that text abi 

Me: do you like it

Faith: yea

Me: what I sent you is not just a text, is what I feel about you, and what is happening too me right now

Ever since I came back from school I was just thinking of you, I think I am in love with you.

Faith: hmmm boys and sweet mouth . okay goodnight oo.

Me: good night my love.

The next day was uneventful.

Hear come the D day, the day Faith would give me a reply.

I woke up very early in the morning, I check the the time, and it was 6:45, I quickly went to the birth room to take my birth, about 20 minutes later I was done, I came out clean my body with a towel , rub my carol white cream, wore my well iron uniform, I look at my tie, and I said too my self “make I ware am today after all I won go catch fish, I wore it, i look at my reflection in the mirror,  fine guy I said to my self.

I dash out  to kelvin room, i saw him wearing his uniform, he was surprise to see me so he ask.

Guy watin happened, this one way you don dress this early morning watin happened.

Omo e get one fish way 1 won catch today oo. 

Who she be.

Na faith oo, faith for your class.

Hmmm that holy holy, she go gree  for you so.

No babe don reject me abi you no trust me.

Okay oo good luck sha .

I left him and headed to the bike pack, I took a bike to my school, stop at the entrance gate and I walk inside.

Chai see as everywhere quit like say na grave yard, i said  to my self. I walk to my class sat down.

I was thinking of what answer she would give  too me, no girls have ever said no too me, or  Is it because that I always date the bad girls in  school?

This one that every body are saying she is “holy holy”,  she might be a hard nut to crack ooo.

But there is something about this faith, her smile do mesmerized me,  she is very beautiful but she no fine reach,  AGBANI DAREGO, (i swear person way  marry agbani get luck oo .)all those things way I tell her na wash ooo., but she make sense.

I was busy with my thought before I heard the sound of the bell.  

I went to line in the Assembly, every body was just starring at me, some students were busy whisperings to them self.

Abi na crime to come early again? I said to my self.

I look my side, I saw Kelvin and his fellow prefect, later I saw one beautiful damsel coming  in that direction. 

chai this babe make ooo.

it was no other person than Faith.  

Episode 9

UCHE side of the story continued

Faith: Uche I like you alot, you are funny handsome but  you have a bad reputation in this school, I wouldn’t  like to mingle with such person, beside I am a born again Christian.

When I said I will think about it, I never really know your character, but when I told my friends,  what they said about you is nothing but bad, you are total bad, I think if you should give your life too Christ, I would have thought of dating you.

Uche: Okay no problem, I wouldn’t force you against your wish.

I left her, i was very angry, I left her because I felt like slapping her.

I should give my life to Christ, I said to myself.

I walk to were Daniel is.

He started asking me question,.

Guy afa for the package na?

Omo that babe fall my hand, she they tell me say she no go like to mingle with me unless I give my life yo Christ.

Daniel started laughing.

Guy why you they laugh na  watin I talk funny.

Yes na see as the babe take for your hand chai  I no envy you at all.

E just be like say make I tear am slap as she dey talk that rubbish.

Okay, but I get one plan way you go take get the girl ooo,  but say you go fit do am.

Anything, I just won do revenge for am.

Guy you go pretend as if  say you be born again Christian, you go they come school early,  you go they talk to her about Church, You go let am know say you be change man.

Haba Daniel, that one hard ooo, but I go risk am and I go make sure say I bleep am.

She they find born again abi, I go show am say I be confirmed born again.

KELVIN side of the story

After finishing talking to Daniel I decided to tell Cynthia what he told me, but my heart was just beating fast.

I walk to her sit.

Cynthia there is something I wants to tell you, I said too her.

Okay go on.

Cynthia I don’t really know how to say it but I like you alot  more than you can ever imagine.

I would have told  you this  before, but I don’t wants to jeopardize our friendship.

I want you to be my gf, and I promised to always make you happy.

Kelvin I don’t know what to say but your words came by surprised.

I am sorry if I made you angry, I said to her.

I was about too leave ,she held my hand, and I said too me.


I wanted to says something but words refused to come out from my mouth.

Abt 20 second later I got myself and I said too her “I LOVE YOU TOO.

Episode 10

UCHE side of the story

About 2 hours later the time keeper rang bell.

We went to our various home.

I was just thinking about my plane.

sha bi na born again faith dey find, I go show am  say I dey born again pass pastor,  if I would go through all this stress  just for her to accept me.

I go make sure say i destroyed her p---y with my roasted plantain.

But how will I go about it, I don’t even know any verse in the Bible, the only verse I know is psalm 23 and john 3: 16.

I went to my brother room to ask him of Bible.

Guy abeg borrow me your Bible.

Abeg watin  you talk.

I say make you borrow me your bible.

When you start to they read Bible.

Guy you no go understand, just give me your Bible I go tell you later.

I collected his Bible, and went to my room, I started reading Bible, I start from Genesis chapter 1:1.

KELVIN side of the story

I was just surprise, by my brother, he wants to read a bible, every body knows that UCHE had never read a bible before, he don’t even goes  too church, now is his asking for Bible, I know  what makes him to need it is not for something good, because  UCHE had never done anything good in his life.

UCHE side of the story

The next which was Saturday was uneventful.

Hear comes on Sunday, I woke up around 5; 30pm I took my bath, wore my cooperate clothes, I dash out to Kelvin room I saw him sleeping, I collect his bible, I went to Church, which Is Catholic Church.

I stay in first mass, second mass, third mass I am waitin for the fourth mass before someone told me that there is no forth mass.

So I went home.

The rest of the day was uneventful

About 6:45am I woke up, took by bath I wore my uniform, wore my socks and my tie.

I started going too school, I stop at the bike pack took a bike stops at the junction of my school. 

evey were just look so serene,  I walk to my class, I was thinking of the strategy I would used on faith before I heard the sound of the bell.

I went to line on the assembly, look at my side I saw faith she was already in the Assembly.

I was busy praising God before some one walk up too me.

It was no other person than Mr peter our maths teacher he started asking me question.

Why are you now coming early too school, he ask.

Sir I am a change man, and beside i don’t see any reason why I should be coming late.

That Good, just keep it up.

He left him. 

Chia assuming he knows whats my intension are he won’t be saying it up, I said too myself.

About 10 minutes we were done.

KELVIN side of the story

After the assembly, we walk to our various classes.

I saw Cynthia, she surprised me, she hug me, which  makes our class girls started saying love wan ti ti.

We were busy talking, we talks about so many things.

There is no greater joy than to be in love with some who love you back.

UCHE side of the story

We were having physics I was busy calculating, I look at Daniel, I could not find him, so I look at the back sit I saw him and Deborah, they were sitting together, I never knows what was going on until I saw the expression in Deborah face, she looks like someone thats Is being f--k.

I was busy steering at her before i mistakenly went down .

Chai  Daniel na pro, he was finger f-----g her in the class without anybody noticing them.

About 3 hours later the time

keeper rang the bell for break time so everybody went out.

I went to Daniel sit to talk to him by then he was alone.

Guy afa na.

Baba I dey ooo.

Guy I see watin ena do ooo.

No blame me oo, na konji,  the konji way hole Deborah no be hear oo, na watin make me help her condition.

Guy but you get mind ooo, I no fit  try watin you do oo.

Okay I hear you, but afa for that girl na.

Guy I never follow am talk today,

Na she I dey find self.

Go check am for outside na.

Okay na.

I left him, and went outside, I saw faith she was sitting alone, so I said too her.

Sister faith how are you doing, she look at me in surprise before she responded.

I am fine o brother uche.

She was mimicking me.

How she is Church today.

Church is fine but what happened too you, why the sudden change, first you called me sister faith, now you are asking me about church, what happened too you.

Is you dear.

Me but how?

When you told me you won’t date me because i am  bad , I thought about it, you are right because no reasonable girl would like to date a bad guy, but now  I am a change man, I am now a born again.

Hmmm are you sure?

I swear too God, I wouldn’t want too  used God name in vain na because it is written in the Bible in book of Exodus 20:7.

Hmmm uche you have start to quote the Bible well thats a good sign.

So now that you know i am a change man so will you be my gf.

Yea but no sex.

Yea you are right because it is written in the Bible in Corinthian 6:18-20, that we should flee from sexual immorality.

Hmmm you are absolutely correct I guess I am truly convinced that you are a change man.

Yes I am.

Little did she know what await her.  

• What happened next?

• Find out in the next Episode 11 - 15

• Coming soon – January 5, 2022


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