[Story] The Magnificent Brothers (Season 1) {Episode 11 - 15}

The Magnificent Brothers: Life in Secondary School (Season 1)

Episode Number: 11 - 15

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller, Drama

Written By: Best98

This is a true Story suitable for readers aged 18+, may portray varying degrees of Sexual, Cultism, Violence and Crime related activities.

Episode 11 

Kelvin side of the story.

About 2;30pm,  the time keeper rang the bell, so we went to our various homes.

I took my bath, eat my food, I was just thinking about Cynthia, I am deeply in love with her, I had never felt this way before or is it because she is my first love.


About 7:45pm I called faith.

Me: hello dear how are you doing.

Faith: I am fine and you.

Me: same dear, I was just thinking of you so I decided to call you.

Faith: that’s so thoughtful of you, by the  way,I wants to invite you to my Church cus we are having  program.

Me: okay  but which program.

Faith: it is called “enough is enough” , it start yesterday but it will end on Thursday.

Me:  Okay  which Church is that

Faith: mountain of fire (mfm).

Me: (chai  my own don finish ooo,) okay I will be there,  but how do we see.

Faith: don’t worry we will talk about it in school.

Me: okay good night, and pray before you sleep oo.

Faith: yea I will, good night.

I ended the call, I was thinking about tomorrow Church,  mountain of fire, I have never gone  there before but rumor has it that any new member that goes there will always return with an headache.

I went too sleep, I woke up early In the morning, I check the time it  was 6:30, I quickly went to the bathroom, took my bath, wore my uniform, I dash out of my compound, I went to the bike pack I too a bike.

I stop at the junction of my school by then the assembly was already going on so I join them without wasting time.

About 15 minutes the assembly was over so everybody went to their various classes.

The rest of the class section was on uneventful.

4 hours later the time keeper rang the bell for break so everybody went outside.

I went to meet Daniel, to update him on the new development.

Guy afa na, I said too him.

Baba I dey oo.

Omo  when I called faith yesterday, she come dey invite me for church.

That’s a good sign, but why your face dey like person way dey vexe.

Omo na the name of the church dey make me dey vexe oo.

Watin be the name na?.

Guy na mountain of fire ooo…..

Daniel started laughing.

Guy your own don’ finished oooo.

And say you know the name of the program.

Watin be the name.

She say na enough is enough ooo.

Omo that one na heavy prayer ooo, guy I swear I no envy you ooo, but just endure am after all you won bleep am.

I swear the way wa I go take bleep am, even Devil go curse me say I too wicked.

Okay I hear you.

Guy we go see later na make I go see faith .

I left him and went to look for faith.

I could not find her outside, so I went too her class, I saw she was sitting alone so I went too me her.

Faith how are you doing now.

I am fine and you.

Same dear.

So about the program in my church how are we going to see, she ask.

Hmmmmm I don  really know oo,

But can you come too my house so that we would go together.

Yea, but if I am to come I don’t know your address.

Okay, I wrote down my address in a shit of paper and gave it too her.

I left her and went outside to meet Daniel .

He saw me coming, so he ask.

Guy how it take go na.

I tell her say na my house we go see oo.

Nice, na opportunity be that oo make sure say you bleep am ooo.

Yes na, I go make sure say I do my revenge.

About 3 hour the time keeper rang the bell for closing, so we went to our various homes.

I took by bath, eat my food, I was just thinking about the strategy I will used on her, and thankfully my mum is wasn’t at home.

5:50pm, faith called me, I quickly picked the call.

I am at the gate of your house she says and the call  ended.

Na wa ooo, so you no fit come inside again, i said to my self. I quickly wore my cloth and went to meet her.

I saw her, she was holding a bible, I said too her.

Lets go inside.

We are already late, there is no time, she replied.

Chai na so this girl want to spoil my plane.

Okay I replied her, and we went to her Church.

We stop at the gate, I saw the name of the Church boldly written. MOUNTAIN OF FIRE MINISTRY. ( M.F.M). chai see were p---y don’ land me put, p---y way I never even bleep. I said too myself.

We entered the church, we saw different people, they were  all wearing marry amaka clothes, we sat down in a white plastic chair, Faith was sitting in my left hand side, and a very hug man was sitting on my right.

10 minutes later the pastor came out and stand on the altar, he ask everybody to stand up because he wants to pray, he start by saying.

Any one.!!!!  ( The members of the church replied.)

That is planing against my life, you that man you that woman you are wicked,  run mad and die!!!!!!!!!!.

The members of the Church starter saying die!, die! die!, they started moving their body like someone that fighting kunfu.

So I join them, I close my eyes and pray, before I heard,  posaaaaaaaah, before I knew, I saw myself on the floor.

Episode 12 & 13


On Wednesday and Thursday i followed faith to church, but it was not as bad as the first day.

On Friday I was already in school, I plane on having my revenge on faith tomorrow because tomorrow is Valentine day.

Rumor has it that about 60 percent of girls are going to be bangs,( abi guys I lie?)so I don’t want faith to be an exemption, I went too meet Daniel to update him about my plan.

Guy afa, I said too him.

Baba I dey ooooo.

E get one plane way I one use for faith.

Okay make I hear am.

You know say tomorrow na Valentine

Yes I know na.

I  go invite am make say e get one gift way I buy for her, say make she come collect am for my house.

Hmmmmm the plane make, but you sure say she go gree come.

Guy I go persuade am, I go just fabricate any story, I go make sure say I bleep am, and nothing go stop me.

Hmmmm that’s the spirit.

Okay make I go meet her.

By the way we are already in break time.

I saw her outside, she was sitting with her class mate, so I walk up too her.

Good morning girls I said too them.(like an innocent child).

Morning they both replied but I could see surprised in the girl face.

Faith can I talk too you for moment.

She stand up and we walk 10 meters away from her friend.

So I said too her.

you know that tomorrow is Valentine, so how are spending it, I said too her.

Hmmm I don’t know but we can spend it in the church,She replied.

Okay  you are right, but there is this gift I bought for you, I want  you to  come  too my house and collect it, so that we would be able to spent sometime together.

Is that necessary, why didn’t you bring the gift too school when you are coming.

I forgot, so please come too my house, why are you even afraid too come too my house. ( I ask her like an innocent boy.)

Okay I will come too your house tomorrow,  so what time should i come.

Around 12:00pm by then I will be free.( in my mind I mean I will be prepared.)

I left her and went too meet Daniel, he started asking.

Guy how the parrol  take go na.

She say she go come .

Guy no f--k up oo, in case she dey prove stubborn no go rape am oooo.

Okay I hear you.

3 hours the keeper rang the bell for closing, so went too our various home.

Around 8:00pm I called faith to remind her of tomorrow meeting.

Hello dear how are you doing,

I said too her.

I am fyn ooo she replied .

I called too remind you of tomorrow.

Okay I won’t forget.

So goodnight na.

I ended the call and drafted too sleep.


tomorrow Is Valentine, I am suppose to take Cynthia out, or at least buy her a gift, but I don’t even know what type of place I will take her.

I am an introvert, I am  always indoor, the is my first Valentine I would be spending having a girlfriend.

And it seems it going to be my best Valentine ever.

now I know I have being living a boring life.


Faith came too my house, I Leeds her too my room, she sat down in my bed I gave her malt, she was drinking it before she ask me of the gift.

I came close too her, i hold her palm with my hands I started creasing her, I kiss her on the lips, I was about unbolting her zip in her grown,  before she pushed me,  i hit my head on wall.

I woke up, I was sweating like someone that just run a marathon.

Thank God it was a dream ooo, I said to myself.

I close my eyes and pray about the dream and went too sleep.

Episode 14


(8:30pm) I woke up did my normal routine, I sent Cynthia a Valentine text.

20 minutes later the called me.

Cynthia; hello dear I saw your text, thanks by the way.

Me: you are welcome.

Cynthia: so were will you be taking me out too?

Me: (chai  who sey make I send am text na)  anywhere of your choice.

Cynthia:  can we go too garzilar.

Me: yea if it that what you want so be it.

Cynthia: okay thanks dear, so what time are we going.

Me: like around 11:00am, you know my house na just call me when you are coming.

Cynthia: I  will.

I ended the call, I started regretting, who say make I go send am text na.

I went too my kolo, I break it and I removed the money I HV being saying for the past 4 months, it was #5000.


About 10:30 pm

I woke up, ( don’t blame me, a guy did to rest to have his straight of what is coming.)

I quickly went to the bath room, I took my bath, I went too my room to check my cupboard if I still had CD cus  today na fire to fire.

Chai  my CD don finished oooo, I quickly went outside to buy CDS in an Igbo man shop.

Me: I won buy CDs.

Igbo man: watin  you talk.

Me: I said I won buy CDs abi you deaf

Igbo man: watin  small boy like  you won use CD do.

Me: I won used am drink tea, you know watin  them they used am do you still they ask me.

I left the stupid igbo man shop, I went  to an aboki shop, close to the igbo man own.

Me: aboki I won buy CD.

Aboki: kai see as many people just dey come buy CDs today I swear girls go hear am, so how many CD I won buy.

Me: give me one packet .

I collected it and went too a shop were they were saling wrist watch, I bought a gold wrist watch for faith.( no be real gold oo, before ena go dey talk na.)

I saw Cynthia and my brother, they were dress in red and white,  Cynthia was looking like the model that won Mrs Nigeria in 2008, her name is adaeze igwe.(yobo wife, I swear yobo dey flex oo to marry Mrs Nigeria e no easy oo).

We exchange Plan sentries.

I went too my room, I called faith she pick.

So were are you na, I ask  her.

I am at home, I will soon be on my way.

I sat down in the parlor watin, I was steering at the clock, but it seems like someone pause the time or someone slow it.

Finally faith called that she is at the gate.

I went too meet her, she was wearing a trouser.

Chai which kind obstacle be this, I said too my self.

she ask me for the gift that she wont too go home.

Haba faith you can’t even spend like 30 minutes with me, and you said I am your bf, I said too her like an innocent boy.

Okay fine let’s go, she said

We walk to the parlor ,  i told her to come too my room ,

why not the parlor she replied.

My brother might walk in, and beside the gift is in my room, I replied her.

So she followed me to my room, thank God I don’t have  chair in my room, she sat down on my bird.

I sat down close too her, I use my hand go crease her palm, just like how it happened in the dream.

I was playing with her palm,  before she ask of the gift,

I brought out the wrist watch I bought for her, she was surprised because it was an expensive wrist watch.

She told me thank you and hug

Me, I used the opportunity  too press her breast, I did it again no reaction, omo see free WiFi oooo, as I was about doing it again he held my hands ( chai see obstacles oo).

Is this why you ask me to come too your house she said.

No is just that I am just carried away by your beauty, and beside you are not easy to resist.

She was about too say something, before I kiss her on her lips,  she responded to my kiss. Chai my plane done work , i was busy kissing her on the lips, I move my hand down to zip her trousers, he held my hand, she stood up and went too the door, ( chai  no so this babe won take go.) she was about too open it, I draw her back with my hand, she fell on me we both fell on the the bed, i started pressing i breast with my hand, and I was busy kissing her.

5 minutes later we were still kissing, I summoned courage to zip her trousers but she held my hand, I was determined to never give up so unzip her the trousers with force. Chai  see was already wet, I quickly brought out my CD insert it on my d--k, as I was about putting she says wait, I didn’t mind her because konji won finished me, I inserted my d--k into her valley of pleasure,  I  was f-----g her, she started moaning.

F--k me hard !!!!!!!

I love you ooo!!!!!!!

Faster     faster

I increase my pace, I starter f-----g her as if my life depend on it.

I f----d and f----d her until we both c----x at the same time.

Episode 15


FAITH  quickly ran to the bathroom to clean up, 10 minutes she came out,  she was looking very Moody.

I didn’t even care after all I don bleep am,  but I was not satisfy,  as she was about going I went too meet her, she was facing the door, I hug her from behind, I used my hand to press her breast,  she tried to resist,  but I hold her,  i turned her and kiss her on the lips, she responded without delay ( chai I don know your wick point) I push her,she fell on the bed, she quickly undress her clothes,  she was totally unclad,  chai konji don hole am oo .

I quickly climb on the bed,  Inserted my finger inside her valley of pleasure, she started moaning, this time Inserted 2 finger, her tempo increase she moaning loud.

F--k me !!!!!!,!,.

I love you please f--k me!!!!!!!!!!!.

I quickly brought out my CD insert it on my d--k, without delay I dive into the valley of pleasure,  I was using my hand to fold her breast her moan became so laud,  I f----d and f----d her until we both c----x.

The sex lasted for about 15 minutes.

She quickly stand and went too the bathroom to clean up, as she came out she  started saying.

This is what you have being looking for,  you have achieved your aim abi.

I didn’t even say anything too because I am satisfy with myself,  2 round of sex e no easy na .

She just open the door and left.

Faith was not even tight I thought she would be tight, and she was not even a virgin.

Na wa  for all this holy holy ooo.

I said too my self


Cynthia and I really had fun,  it was my best Valentine even though I spent my saving money, I was happy because she is worth it.

About 5:20pm  we both went home, I escorted her too her house, she surprised me with a kiss.

I went home, I saw my brother he was just happy for no reason so I asked him.

Guy this one way you just dey happy like this say you  win naira bets.

This one pass naria bet oooo.

So watin come happened.

You no go understand.

Okay I  hear you.


The next day which was Saturday was uneventful,  on Sunday I didn’t go too church, I stayed at home, I was watching a seasonal film.

On Sunday was also not eventful, so I don’t want too bore you with the detailed.

Hear comes on monday ,  I woke around 8:00pm, took my bath and I started going too, school I walk too school, after all I am no longer pretending.

By the time i got to the gate of my school, assembly was already over I just walk too my class.

I saw Daniel I wink at him, he just smile.

3 hours time the time keeper rang the bell for break so we went out side.

I was sitting alone outside, Daniel quickly walk up too me.

Daniel: guy this one way you come late  e be like say your plane don work .

Me: yes oo, at last I don bleep faith, I bleep am 2 round.

Daniel: chia bad boy.

Me: guy no blame me ooo, watin I go through for faith hand pass DAT 2 round way I bleep am.

Daniel: now way you don do your revenge for faith, e remains Adam and victor, you know say forgiveness is a sin.

Me: I don  even forget  them self,  thank God say you remember me, No worry we go do our revenge.

As we were busy talking, faith walk pass the front of us.

Sister faith,

Sister faith

Daniel was busy calling her.

She ran and pass us.

Chai  Daniel you no good oo,  I said too him.

Me and you who no good, you way bleep am 2 times.

Guy I hear you.

About 3 hours later the time keeper rang the bell so we went too our various home.

Around 8:00pm  as I was sleeping, my phone was ringing, it was the phone that woke me up,  I quickly check the number that was calling me,   I was shock by the name I saw on the scream.


Episode 16 - 20 (January 20, 2022)


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