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[Movie] Kane (2023)

Benny works for old school crime boss Abe, Abe has multiple personalities and is in a gang war with the notorious Frankie. Kane is the deadliest of Abe’s personalities, the next 24 hours will be a killer. Today is a good day to die.

•• Movie Name: Kane (2023)

•• Runtime: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes

•• Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller 

•• Stars: Tammin Sursok, Nathan Phillips, Jake Ryan, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Clayton Watson, Holly Brisley, Martin Dingle Wall, Beau Jones, Peter O'Hanlon, Chris Bridgewater, Jason McDonald, Anna Kolenko, Todd Sucic, Tommy Archer

•• Release Date: November 10, 2023 (United States)

•• Country of Origin: Australia 

•• Language: English 

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•• IMDB: Cast, Crew, Photos, Videos, Reviews and Ratings - 5.8/10

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