Iphone users - see how to Download

Good news for iphone users.

You can actually Download a MOVIE or MUSIC from our Blog, on your iphone by using one of these 3 Apps / options (Safari, Opera Browser & Total Files).

  • The web browser that comes with every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is called “Safari”, make sure it's the updated one.

The Safari browser has a Download option / icon, so after Downloading a Movie or Music, click on the Download option, you will see a Page of all your Downloads. Then OPEN / SAVE to files / SHARE whatever you want to watch or play to your VLC, Xender or any Media compatible apps.

  • Go to your App store, install OPERA MINI / Opera Browser.

After downloading a Music or Movie, Click open in, Click save to files. Then add / SAVE directly to your Xender or VLC folder on your iphone storage / files. 

Go straight to your Xender or VLC to access what you just downloaded. I will advise you to use VLC to watch any Movie, because you can easily download English Subtitle there.

  • You can also use TOTAL FILES, Go to your App store, install “Total Files”.

It has a Cloud File Manager and a Browser, where you can easily visit any website of your choice to Download anything (video, movie, music, picture, document, pdf etc.)

Also, anything you've downloaded can be saved / shared easily to your file / folders on the “Total File” App and any other compatible Apps for easy access.

After downloading and saving on Total Files, I advise you hold & release the name of the Movie, options will pop out (click share) share the Movie to your Xender, VLC or any other video playing platforms to watch the Movie.

You can also watch a Video or Listen to a Music on the App, Install & Enjoy.


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