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Iphone & Android users - see how to Download

Good news for all iPhone, Android, Tablet & Laptop users, below are the Browsers & Media Player applications you can use to download and access downloaded audio / video file formats (which are music, movies, series, songs, podcasts & videos) from our website or any websites. Learn how to watch, listen, play & save files on your device “Files app”. Scroll Down.


Safari -:- The web browser app that comes with every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is called “Safari”, make sure it's the updated one.

The Safari web browser for iOS devices has Downloads option as one of its features, so after visiting a Website and have Downloaded a Movie or Music, click on the Download option, you will see a Page of all your Downloads. Then open what you’ve just downloaded, click on the action button, it will give you options like share, copy, save to Files & open what you’ve just downloaded. It will also show you some compatible Apps you can use to access any downloaded file formats (e.g music, movies & videos etc), compatible media players apps like VLC, MX Player & Xender.


Total Files -:- It is also a very good App you can use to download & access downloaded files on your iPhoneGo to your App store, install “Total Files”.

It has a Cloud File Manager and Web Browser, where you can easily visit any website of your choice to Download anything (video, movie, music, picture, podcast, document, pdf etc.)

Also, anything you've downloaded can be saved/shared easily to your file/folders on the “Total Files” App and any other compatible Apps for easy access.

After downloading and saving on Total Files, I advise you hold & release the name of the Movie/Video, options will pop out (click share) share the Movie to your Xender, VLC or any other video media player apps to watch the Movie.

You can also watch a Video or Listen to a Music on the App (It has features of a Media player), Install & Enjoy.


Google Chrome -:- is the most popular & most used web browser app on the internet space, it is available for both Android & iPhone users on Play Store & App Store and also Desktop/Laptop users. It is mostly used by Android users.

Chrome has good features and understandable interface, you can literally  visit any Website, Download anything & access your downloaded files (both on chrome and the “Files app” on your device). It is user friendly because of its easy accessibility. You can also access, share & open your downloaded files from your Browser’s Downloads with compatible media players apps like VLC, MX Player & Xender.


Firefox browser & Opera Mini browser -:- 

They are another fast, private, simple and reliable browser app available for all kind of devices (Android, IPhone, Tablet & Laptop) they are more popular to Android users, they also have good features for good user’s browsing experience, you can also access your downloads after downloading on any website (It has a download option). You can also save, open & share your Downloaded Files (Audio & Video format) to any media player apps like VLC, MX Player & Xender.


VLC  -:- VLC media player is our recommended media player app, where you can easily access downloaded or shared Video & Audio files (Podcasts, Music, Movies & Series). It is available for all iPhone, Android, Tablet, Desktop & Laptop users.


MX Player & Xender -:- They are also very good apps you can use on your Device to access your Downloaded or Shared Files (Music, Movies, Videos, Shows, Songs, Podcasts etc). It is mostly used by Android & iPhone users.


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